Axie Infinity: Origin Is Around the Corner – New Gameplay, Graphics, Cards, and Much More

Axie Infinity is moving towards Origins aka Battles V3 by leaps and bounds. We should expect new graphics and gameplay quite soon.

Axie Infinity was undeniably THE crypto game of 2021, though such an award doesn’t exist… yet. The game burst onto the scene and boomed in the market last year. However, the unpredictable success experienced by the projects also served to burden the developers as well. “With great power comes great responsibility,” uncle Ben once said.  

Sky Mavis has had to maintain expectations of keeping the bar it set itself, consistently high. Currently, the leading crypto developers are preparing a third version of gameplay, which has been named “Axie Infinity: Origin.” 

The developers are looking to launch the alpha version of ‘Origin’ in the near future. From what we know so far, the enhancements will be mainly focused around its interface, gameplay mechanics, graphics, special effects, and new storylines.  


Of course, your previously obtained Axies are here to stay and will work in Origin, however, everything earned in the alpha version will be deleted. The alpha is being held in order to gather community feedback. Therefore, it’s fair to say you should stick to the current version if your interest lies in growing your Axie gang.  

In terms of gameplay changes, the action itself looks to be heating up. Cards will be available to play during each player’s turn, meaning that you’ll need to keep an eye on what your opponent is doing throughout the entire battle. furthermore, cards and energy will no longer accumulate, which does mean that players will not be able skip turns for resource accumulation anymore.  

From now on, cards can have several abilities, not just attack and defence. The number of held by an Axie will increase from 4 to 6, thereby bringing more variety into the gameplay. 


One more novelty being introduced is runes and charms. These are power-ups that players can craft themselves using moon shards and SLP. However, these resources will not carry over from one season to next.  

The last shake-up is the removal of critical strikes which brought unnecessary, often frustrating randomness into the gameplay.  



Axie Infinity is taking the path of becoming an “adult” RPG. In the traditional gaming industry, this genre is extremely diverse, from JRPGs like Final Fantasy, to classic Western RPGs like Skyrim. On the other hand, virtual pet RPGs have largely been dominated by Pokémon, and Axie Infinity has made the choice to move away from that influence in favor of implementing mechanics from kinds of RPG adjacent games, such as Final Fantasy and Hearthstone.  

For crypto gaming as a whole, it can only be considered a good thing that Sky Mavis is working to improve the game constantly and are not afraid to experiment. In such an ever-changing field as blockchain gaming, Axie Infinity simply cannot afford to rest on its laurels. 


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