Atari’s Latest Nostalgia NFT Collectibles: Pong And Centipede

This move could be a pioneering one for NFTs in the video game industry.

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Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have gained considerable popularity lately, thanks to their versatility and support. They promise artists a new way to monetize their talent, and some people have started to reap considerable gains from these assets.

Recently, Atari released its Capsule Collection. It contains unique NFTs available via the company’s blockchain. The current collectibles available are for Centipede and Pong, and they plan to leverage classic video games’ nostalgia value with NFTs’ versatility and profitability.


This move could be a pioneering one for NFTs in the video game industry. Current applications for these tokens include sports, art, and music collectibles.

Experts agree that NFTs can become gaming’s future. They allow gamers to spot financial opportunities from the time they invest in games.

Why should you care?

NFTs create verifiable assets from digital artwork: paintings, photographs, music, and more. Owners can trade these assets on the internet and enjoy outstanding security thanks to the blockchain supporting them.

It might sound strange for inexperienced users, but NFTs have paid considerable dividends already. From tweets to famous video clips, NFTs can turn anything into a financial asset. Artists and influencers have enjoyed a prominent payoff from investors interested in NFT versions of images and art.


NFTs have been available for a while, and most of them are built on the Ethereum platform. They’ve given birth to digital trading card games and other innovations.

However, their recent take-off comes from renewed investor demand for supporting artists and partaking in this sophisticated market. Today’s growing interest in cryptocurrencies has been fantastic for NFTs, as new crypto investors look to diversify their assets.

Atari’s NFTs

Atari’s collection celebrates two crucial pioneers of the video game industry: Dona Bailey and Al Alcorn, who made Centipede and Pong, respectively. They helped lay the foundations for the industry as we know it today.

The Capsule Collection offers various collectibles for different price tags to reach as many Atari fans as possible. The offer isn’t solely for Pong and Centipede fans. Crypto investors, collectors, and even digital museums could gravitate toward this investment option.

Many companies have collaborated with the project. Quidd and Blockparty are two of the most prominent names; they’re a subsidiary of Animoca Brands and an NFT marketplace centered on artists, respectively. The most significant NFT marketplace, OpenSea, is also part of the project.

As expected, Atari’s NFTs come from the Ethereum blockchain, but they’re also being issued on Harmony’s blockchain. The latter is the first mainnet blockchain focused on PoS (proof of stake) and sharding.

Centipede: Dona Bailey’s autograph

Centipede Flagship is the first collectible available in the capsule. An original coin-op cabinet for Centipede is also available, completely restored, and in working order. Finally, there’s also a limited digital cabinet NFT with Bailey’s digital autograph.

However, there’s more value available as well, especially for owners of the combined physical-digital asset.

  • They’ll receive Centipede Reality, a limited (three pieces) augmented reality experience. It includes 3D NFTs showcasing stylized and pixelated arcade sprites from the game.
  • The Centipede Artist’s Rendition is a series of 10. It contains 2D collectibles depicting pixel art inspired by the game.
  • Finally, the Centipede 2600 Cartridge Classic comes in a series of 20. It offers 3D collectibles of Centipede 2600’s original cartridge. Five cartridges are gold editions for the first buyers.

Pong: Al Alcorn’s autograph

Ask any video game enthusiast, and they’ll likely tell you that Pong was responsible for every video game released. It’s the grandfather of video games, and Al Alcorn developed it in 1972. Initially, he designed it to be a training exercise.

Almost half a century later, we can appreciate how this simple game—containing two tiles and a pixel—paved the way for one of the biggest industries today. Atari knows this, and that’s why the Pong installment contains excellent offers.

  • The limited (one available) Pong Flagship offers a 3D interactive NFT of Pong’s original cabinet. This unique product also comes with Al Alcorn’s digital autograph.
  • Pong First Quarter Relic comes in a three-piece series. This 3D NFT depicts the first quarter used on the first Pong game in 1972.
  • Pong Artist’s Rendition (a ten-piece series) offers 2D collectibles. The NFTs provide pixel art inspired by Pong.

On the flipside

  • NFTs are still growing, so it might be difficult to find willing buyers for these collectibles. If you want them to reap returns on your investment, make sure to research market demand beforehand.
  • NFTs aren’t perfect, and they’re still undergoing development and optimization. You might want to verify investment options if they’re not from reputable sources, like Atari.
  • If you’re considering other NFTs for investment, question their origin. Several artists have complained about their work being stolen and sold as NFTs without their consent.

This article is for information purposes only and should not be considered trading or investment advice. Nothing herein shall be construed as financial, legal, or tax advice. Trading forex, cryptocurrencies, and CFDs pose a considerable risk of loss.

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