Another Beeple Milestone: Life-sized NFT Sculpture Sold for $29 Million

After Beeple marked NFT history by selling his artwork “Everydays: The First 5000 Days” for $69 million at the remarkable Christies auction, he recently sold another masterpiece “Human One” for a roaring $29 million.

Beeple (also known as Mike Winkelmann) is a graphic designer and the initiator of the 3D graphic ‘everyday’ movement, where he creates a picture every day from start to finish and posts it online without missing a single day. 

His over 2-meters high hybrid of physical and digital human NFT represents the first portrait of a human born in the metaverse. nBeeple described the piece as,

“Both the object and its NFT display dynamically changing imagery drawn at random from a data pool of the artist’s visual creations that is accessed via the Ethereum blockchain,”

Christie’s underlined. 

On The Flipside

  • NFT skeptics are constantly questioning the real worth of digital assets, as they are owned only in the digital space.

Why You Should Care?

NFTs are becoming a fascinating part of the art world with unlimited possibilities to be creative.

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