$1.6 Billion Wiped Off XRP’s Market Cap in Latest Downturn

XRP’s price plummets after legal win excitement fades, losing 5% in 24 hours and $1.6B market cap.

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  • Many altcoins have been grappling with a significant correction since the SEC ruling.
  • XRP has experienced a sharp decline, erasing billions from its market cap.
  • The uncertainty surrounding the SEC ruling has been driving investor caution.

XRP, the cryptocurrency that surged to an impressive high of over $0.84 in 2023 following Ripple’s partial legal triumph against the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), has since been facing a correction.

Ripple’s XRP Faces Massive Decline Despite Courtroom Triumph

The cryptocurrency market closely watched the outcome of the legal battle, and initially, the victory gave XRP a much-needed boost. However, recent market dynamics have led to a noticeable retracement, with XRP’s price plummeting more than 20% from its recent peak.

In continuation of this broader downtrend, XRP experienced another major decline on August 3, with a staggering drop of nearly 5% in the past 24 hours.


This sharp downturn wiped out approximately $1.6 billion from the crypto token’s market capitalization, bringing it down from $36.67 billion to $35.08 billion. The market cap decline reached $2 billion at one point before rebounding around $0.4 billion.

XRP’s 7.7% Weekly Drop Sparks Investor Concern

Currently, XRP is being traded at $0.66, representing a decline of around 4.8% for the day.

Over the past week, XRP has lost more than 7.7%, significantly reducing its monthly gains, which previously stood at an impressive 35%. With the SEC lawsuit against Ripple still unresolved, it is no surprise that the recent price correction in XRP has prompted investors to be cautious. 


The ongoing uncertainty has naturally inclined XRP investors to mitigate potential risks, leading some to exit their positions and protect themselves from further downside.

On the Flipside

  • While the drop in XRP‘s market capitalization was significant, it’s worth considering that the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile, and such fluctuations are not uncommon.
  • Despite the uncertainty surrounding the SEC lawsuit, some investors might see the recent correction in XRP as a buying opportunity, as they anticipate potential price appreciation once the legal situation is resolved.

Why This Matters

The recent sharp correction in XRP’s price following its legal win against the SEC is a crucial reminder of the ongoing uncertainty in the crypto market. This retracement indicates that even significant victories can be met with volatility, prompting investors to adopt a cautious approach and be prepared for potential risks and downside movements.

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