zkSync Integrates Validity Proofs Ahead of zkEVM’s Mainnet Launch

According to Matter Labs, this is the final step before launching the first zkEVM on the Ethereum mainnet.

zkSync strong launch arms muscle

Matter Labs, the development company behind zkSync, a Layer-2 scaling solution based on zkRollup, has announced the integration of validity proofs into its zkEVM public testnet ahead of the solution’s launch on the Ethereum mainnet in 10 days.

In an official blog post, the firm explained that the validity proofs are the final step before the full deployment of its zkEVM solution on the Ethereum mainnet.


“With proof generation and verification now integrated into our public testnet we are demonstrating a fully functioning zkrollup ahead of our mainnet launch in 10 days. This is not only a major achievement for zkSync, but for the entire Ethereum community, made possible by the support of our ecosystem and the tireless dedication of our team,” Matter Labs said.

Validity proofs are an integral part of zkSync’s infrastructure as they “provide a guarantee of the correctness of program execution”. These proofs are then sent to zkSync’s smart contract on Ethereum, which verifies the accuracy of the proof.

According to Matter Labs, the integration “will enable everyone on our testnet to experience our ZK Prover which is now fully operational with proof generation, aggregation, and verification on-chain happening on the public testnet”.

ZkSync is set to become the first zkEVM launched on the Ethereum mainnet. zkEVM, which stands for zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine, is a type of Layer-2 scaling solution that increases throughput without sacrificing Ethereum security. 

The solution is considered the holy grail of Ethereum scaling, bundling up hundreds to thousands of transactions before sending them to the Ethereum Layer-1 network in batches to be cryptographically verified, thereby reducing transaction costs and gas fees.


Matter Labs isn’t the only one racing to release a zkEVM. Last week, Polygon announced the testnet launch of its zkEVM following the acquisition of Polygon Hermez last summer. Scroll, Taiko, and other projects are also working to develop their own zkEVM solutions.

Matter Labs recently announced plans to launch Pathfinder–a prototype Layer-3 protocol demonstrating the use of a zkRollup working as a customizable and trustlessly linked blockchain.

On the Flipside

  • The mainnet launch of zkEVM will come without any external projects. Matter Labs is expecting to open access to the public at the end of 2022.

Why you Should Care

ZkSync is at the forefront of Ethereum scaling through zkRollups. Its zkEVM is set to become the first such deployment on the Ethereum mainnet, and its integration of validity proofs underlines that the team is on track for the release, scheduled at the end of October.

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