Why Ethereum Spot ETFs Will Not Mirror Bitcoin’s Success

Ethereum ETFs are here, but will they attract the same level of investment as Bitcoin ETFs? Analysts weigh in.

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  • Analysts have predicted a muted launch for Ethereum ETFs due to the lack of Ethereum features.
  • Full access to the Ethereum ecosystem has the potential to steer some investors away.
  • The success of Ethereum ETFs has the potential to encourage other cryptos to launch their own ETFs.

Ethereum finally got its long-awaited Spot ETF, but will it be a blockbuster debut or a whimper compared to Bitcoin’s ETF launch? Analysts are weighing in, and their predictions might surprise you.


James Seyffart, an expert analyst at Bloomberg, throws some cold water on the idea of an Ethereum ETF gold rush. He predicts these funds might only attract a quarter of the investment compared to their Bitcoin counterparts. Why the skepticism?

Market Cap Matters

Think of the market cap as the total value of all the cryptocurrencies out there. Bitcoin, the king of crypto, boasts a staggering $1.35 trillion market cap, dwarfing Ethereum’s $449.25 billion. It’s a David and Goliath situation, making it harder for Ethereum to attract the same level of investment dollars.

Ethereum’s Lost Edge

One area where Ethereum ETFs might fall short is the ability to offer staking. Staking allows investors to earn passive income on their crypto holdings by essentially locking up their assets to support the blockchain network. This feature is a major draw for some Ethereum enthusiasts, and the lack of it in ETFs could be a deciding factor for them.

Plus, Ethereum ETFs wouldn’t unlock the full potential of the Ethereum blockchain, like participating in DeFi or the exciting world of NFTs. Owning Ethereum directly gives you access to these features, making some investors think twice about the ETF route.

Don’t write off Ethereum ETFs just yet. Seyffart still predicts a “big launch,” just not as earth-shattering as Bitcoin’s. He estimates Ethereum ETFs might capture 20-25% of the investment compared to Bitcoin ETFs. Another analyst, Eric Balchunas, takes a more conservative approach, expecting a 15-20% range.

Ethereum on the Rise, But is the Party Over?

While the future of Ethereum ETFs remains to be seen, the underlying cryptocurrency itself is having a good week. Ethereum’s price is currently up 0.51% at $3,766, adding to a strong overall week with a 20.47% gain in the last seven days. However, daily trading volume has dipped by over 50%, suggesting some caution creeping into the market.


The success of Ethereum ETFs could pave the way for other cryptocurrencies to join the party. The XRP ETF is a hot contender, but regulatory hurdles still need to be cleared before it can enter the scene.

On the Flipside

  • The launch might be a flash in the pan, with initial excitement fizzling out if Ethereum’s price stalls or dips.
  • There are no historical data on how Ethereum ETFs will perform compared to directly holding Ethereum or other investment options.

Why This Matters

Even though Ethereum’s ETF launch might not be as explosive as Bitcoin’s, its success could still be a significant step forward for the entire cryptocurrency market. If Ethereum ETFs attract substantial investment and pave the way for ETFs of other coins, it could bring a wave of new mainstream interest and validation to the crypto space.

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