Weekly Crypto Gaming News – Thetan Arena, Star Atlas, Influence, Nine Chronicles, Treeverse, Decimated, Shroom Kingdom

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  • Yield Guild Games onboards more projects: Thetan Arena, Star Atlas, and Influence.
  • Nine Chronicles invites content creators in exchange for rewards  
  • Treeverse and Decimated are a step closer to release after successful investment rounds.
  • Gaming news in micro bites: Shroom Kingdom, Light Nite, Grasshopper Farm. 

Yield Guild Games Onboards More Projects: Thetan Arena, Star Atlas, and Influence

The company that helped Filipino people to survive during the pandemic by borrowing gaming NFTs is growing its list of titles. In the last week, news came out about the onboarding of three big projects. Essentially, the project’s system works by lending expensive gaming characters to people who are interested in short term income, or earning for their own character. 


First of all, the anticipated Thetan Arena, one of the most promising blockchain MOBA games, was added to the YGG catalogue. Yield Guild Games invested in 250 regular heroes, 100 epic heroes, and 50 legendary heroes. These gaming characters, and concurrently NFTs, will be available in the scholarships. 

Secondly, Yield Guild Games purchased $1M worth of Star Atlas NFT gaming assets. The game itself is an intergalactic MMORPG with almost-AAA graphics. 

Thirdly, YGG invested in another space game. This time, a space strategy MMO called Influence. The guild owns one large in-game asteroid worth 32.86 ETH ($78K USD) as well as 30 smaller asteroids to a total value of $10K USD. 


  • This approach transforms gaming into earning, which are two different concepts. Playing crypto games for the sake of income is apparently becoming a full-time job.

Nine Chronicles Invites Content Creator in Exchange for Rewards

Nine Chronicles is a blockchain project backed by Ubisoft, a gaming industry giant. The game is a fully decentralized RPG, which means it’s owned by the entire community, not a corporation. 


The project therefore decided to involve more content creators to spread the news about the game. The rewards for doing so are $30 in $NCG per month for a minimum of 2 content pieces per month.

For creators with larger social media audiences (500+ subscribers), the reward is higher, instead becoming $150 in $NCG, the native token of the game. 


  • A content piece could be a social media post or an article, which require different amounts of time to be produced, which makes the incentive quite unfair. Ideally they would offer different rates for different types of content.

Treeverse and Decimated – A Step Closer to the Release After Successful Investment Rounds

Two promising blockchain gaming projects just closed their fundraising campaigns. Decimated, a 3D multiplayer RPG with a cyberpunk visual style, gained $3.5M during a private investment round. The game seems like a mix of Cyberpunk 2077 and Fortnite, with RPG elements and both PvE and PvP modes. The project runs on Polygon. 

The second project, called Treeverse, raised $25M in an initial investment round. Yes, the number is pretty impressive. However, they were backed by Animoca Brands, one of the biggest blockchain gamification industry pioneers, which explains the success of the fund. Treeverse is a beautiful looking pixelated MMORPG in the visual style of 16-bit games from The Legend of Zelda series. 


  • While Decimated is already available in early access, Treeverse needs to show us more gameplay, especially after gaining such great funds!

Gaming News in Micro Bites: Shroom Kingdom, Light Nite, Grasshopper Farm

Shroom Kingdom Roadmap Finally Announced 

Mario Reder, the creator of Shroom Kingdom, finally unveiled the project’s roadmap. Shroom Kingdom is intended to transmit Super Mario Maker levels and their mechanics onto the blockchain. So far, 3  out of 13 of the milestones have been accomplished. It’s Important to note that “creating in-game-design and NFTs” as well as “developing the actual game” are at the back of the line. This means it’s going to take quite some time until we get the game itself. 


Light Nite Won’t Be Released on Steam   

Battle royales have become a popular gaming genre in the last few years. Everything started with the huge popularity of PUBG and rose even higher with Fortnite. Now, the battle royale genre is moving on the blockchain with Light Nite. The sad news is that the game won’t be available on Steam anymore. In the blog post, the developers explained that “[Steam] will not be shipping crypto or NFTs games.”


Grasshopper Farm Now Accepting Deposits via PayPal  

The weird-looking Grasshopper Farm posted their October update, in which the developers noted the added functionality of making deposits via PayPal. Now, buying a machine gun for your grasshopper is even easier! 🙂 


  • It’s strange that while Light Nite was taken away from Steam, other NFT games haven’t been. For example, Stormrite is still listed as upcoming. 

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