Weekly Crypto Gaming News – Snoop Dogg in Sandbox, Binamon on Android, Mythical Marketplace, Decentraland Incubator, GameFi, DNAxCAT, Animoca

The journey into the crypto gaming world starts right now.

Crypto hello to all the Player 1s and Player 2s!

In today’s digest, find out about:

  • Snoop Dogg invites users to become his virtual neighbours.
  • Binamon is going portable.
  • Decentraland has announced a virtual incubator.
  • Mythical Marketplace for Blankos Block Party has entered beta.
  • PlanetSandbox partners with GameFi, and DNAxCAT partners with Binance NFT.

Snoop Dogg Left His Legacy in The Sandbox

The crypto world is famous for creating virtual multiverses, such as Decentraland and The Sandbox. Snoop Dogg has been documented appearing in the crypto universe quite often, so, these two events had to merge some day. 


Calvin Cordozar Broadus, a.k.a the iconic Snoop Dogg, has already had a hand in digital NFT art as well as the meme Dogecoin. Recently, the rapper visited The Sandbox with some presents. Snoop now owns land in the multiverse. Furthermore, a LAND sale  is going to happen in his neighbourhood. Hence, users will be able to become virtual neighbours of the famous personality. 

Besides land, an NFT collection will also be auctioned, including avatars, his personal car collection, dogs, and other memorabilia. 


  • These NFT collectibles will not come cheap. For example, one of the cheapest costs 1.6 ETH, or around $5K, not even to mention the price of LAND near Snoop Dogg’s house. 

Decentraland Announced the Play-to-Earn Incubator.

As a multiverse project, Decentraland pushes the boundaries and expands the horizons. After the successful launch of a new SDK with integrated quests mechanics, the project has shown clear intentions to dive deeper into the play-to-earn spectrum, successfully hosting Zed Run races.


Now, the team has announced a hunt for gaming talents. The Decentraland Incubator started accepting applications from promising projects, granting them MANA and LAND leases. The potential six winners will receive investment from the Decentraland Foundation.


  • Players are already waiting for more games to reach Decentraland. So far, it’s a perfect universe where you can meet other people, as well as visit virtual lands, shops, exhibitions, events and so on. But we need more games. 

Binamon Is Launching on Android, and BMON is Listed on KuCoin

Digital monster games have become one of the first successful genres in the blockchain gaming industry. This makes sense because games like Pokémon have always been aimed at collecting and sharing, which is the main purpose of NFTs as well. While CryptoKitties and CryptoPunks became the pioneers, Axie Infinity took the game to a new level, adding pure game mechanics. 

However, as the aforementioned project gains popularity, the entrance threshold also rises, in terms of both funds and knowledge. Thus, new players are choosing other monster pet games, such as My DeFi Pet, Ethermon, and particularly Binamon. Therefore, the rivalry amongst them is becoming fervent. 

This week, Binamon gladdened fans with two pieces of news. First of all, that the game would be receiving an official Android application this week, which means the possibility of playing anywhere,  and secondly, that it’s native token, BMON, based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), had recently been listed on the KuCoin exchange, which may bring wider trading possibilities. 


  • One of its rivals, My Defi Pet, already had such functionality, so this move is seemingly keeping up, more than taking the lead.

Mythical Marketplace for Blankos Block Party Has Entered Beta

One of blockchain gaming frontiersmen standing on the border of mass gaming is Mythical Games with their Blankos Block Party. This is the only company that has managed to talk about NFT gaming on such a grand stage as the E3 expo thus far. 

The developers have launched a beta version of the Mythical Marketplace. It is currently supported in most countries with payouts to crypto wallets. However, crypto payments will come to the service in October. Unfortunately, the marketplace will no longer be available in China due to the new regulations


  • The game has been in development for a few years already, but the marketplace is being launched only now, after players have already tried the game itself. This is the right approach to building trust as real gamers will always want to play first. 

News Micro Bites: IGO and Partnerships

PlanetSandbox Partners with GameFi to Launch IGO

PlanetSandbox is going to be a third-person shooter with building mechanics featuring NFTs. The concept resembles well-known battle royals Fortnite and PUBG, but with the addition of blockchain. We don’t have a lot of information about the game or its attached tokenomics, but the developers have managed to partner with GameFi in order to launch the IGO. 

DNAxCAT Partners with Binance NFT to Launch NFT Sales

The project shares a similar ideology to Axie Infinity. DNAxCAT is a cat pet game with a pretty cute anime art style. The game mechanics announced so far are collecting, breeding, crafting items, and seasonal events. As the developers considered the creation of their own NFT marketplace to be unnecessary, they have partnered with Binance to make use of their NFT marketplace. 


  • Both projects are too young to have any crucial remarks., and though we don’t have a lot of information, let’s wish them luck. We shall see what’s next for them. 

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