Weekly Crypto Gaming News – Aurory, Thetan Arena, Stormrite, Zed Run, Decentraland, Chainlink, Wasder, Axie Infinity, Binance

The journey into the crypto gaming world starts right now.

A crypto hello to all the 1st and 2nd players!

Feel free to choose your character and press the “start” button on your gamepads. The journey into the crypto gaming world starts right now. Today, you’ll get to know more about MOBA games like League of Legends or Dota 2 and open-world RPGs like Skyrim or Witcher 3 on blockchain!

Nevertheless, there are some games that don’t even have alpha gameplay but people still buy their tokens. How come? Find out more in this article!


Read in today’s digest:

  • Aurory: the miracle of early access
  • Thetan Arena aka League of Legends on blockchain
  • Stormrite on Enjin looks like Skyrim 
  • Zed Run races in Decentraland
  • Chainlink, Wasder, Axie Infinity, and Binance in the news

Aurory, Gaming Project Powered by Solana, Shows What They Got

As crypto gaming is a completely brand-new field, its “rules” remain unclear. A lot of projects initiate their IPOs, IDOs, fundraising campaigns, or any other kind of launch even before showing pre-alpha stages of game development.

Of course, this is common practice in the crypto world. However, the regular gaming community already hates early access gaming projects. On the one hand, we helped such games as No Man’s Sky, Sea of Thieves, and even well-known Fortnite reach their release dates. On the other hand, so many projects have caved and never saw daylight. This means not only the lost money but unrealised hopes for a unique game by indie developers that would never appear in the minds of big studio corporates!


Enough philosophical pondering, and back to crypto gaming! Let’s look at a project called “Aurory.” The developers made a lot of great moves such as using Solana’s blockchain, choosing Serum as their main marketplace, and creating a very appealing art style. The game genre was announced to be J-RPG with fully hand-drawn 2D animations that already look adorable!

Here comes the dilemma: the project promises to be a mix of Cuphead and Octopath Traveler, but on a blockchain. It sounds very promising. Whether it’s exciting as promised remains to be seen.


  • The project doesn’t even have a landing page, only a Twitter account and a Medium blog. I’m interested but still sceptical about whether it’s too early for NFT auctioning.

Thetan Arena, MOBA on Blockchain, Is About to Launch IDO

Let’s continue on the topic of early-stage projects, one of which is Thetan Arena. This is the first MOBA on blockchain. The game has progressed much further than the previous one discussed. At least the developers have shown us the alpha gameplay already.

The project opened the whitelist on Polkastarter. The IDO, or the initial DEX (decentralized exchange) offering, is set to be launched on September 16th. Moreover, KAIstarter, a decentralized crowdfunding platform, will initiate additional fundraising on the same date.

What gives us hope is its partnerships with big crypto companies, with Animoca Brands on top. The game seems to be a simpler version of League of Legends for Android, iOS, and PC. It plans to feature a pets system, quests, tournaments, and P2E mechanics with NFT items.


  • This is another project with great ideas and a lot of promises. At least we should be able to see the results sooner. The alpha test is scheduled for Q3 2021, according to the official website.

Stormrite on Enjin Successfully Finished Kickstarter Campaign

Have you ever wondered if there is Skyrim on blockchain? Indeed it exists and has successfully doubled its initial goal on Kickstarter. Previously, the projects joined Enjin, which will bring cosmetic NFTs to the game. Moreover, the token standard will be eco-friendly.

Unfortunately, we don’t have the gameplay video yet. However, there are screenshots, which spark thoughts about an action RPG similar to the well-known Skyrim. Moreover, the number of partnerships and great support on Kickstarter indicated the worthiness of the project.

The game will be available on PC and XBOX. For now, let’s wait for more news from the developers.


  • Sometimes, even partnerships, investments, and community support are not enough to have full assurance about a project. Of course, this happens very rarely but staying sharp is always necessary, especially in the crypto field. 

Zed Run Races Were Officially Launched in Decentraland

This piece of news is more about the adorableness of the blockchain world than about the event itself. Zed Races is a horse race game with all the features of a play-to-earn project: breeding, pumping, NFT collecting, and tournaments. You can buy NFTs of racing horses in the marketplace, breed them, or participate in championships.

However, the beauty of this event is the almost limitless possibilities of blockchain worlds. Zed Run held an open event in Decentraland, where viewers could watch the broadcast of the event, check the online art gallery of available NFTs, and chat with the Zed Run community.

The fact is that NFTs and blockchain provide not only the ownership features, which everybody is already used to, but versatility and universalism. That’s why crypto gaming multiverses are so fascinating to observe. For example, Zed Races could be held not only in Decentraland, but in Sandbox as well.


  • Intriguing indeed! On the other hand, there is an issue of partnerships and blockchain interoperability. While the corporate approach of exclusivity ownership can be rooted out with the rise of decentralisation, consensus protocols between separate ecosystems are still under question. 

Crypto Gaming News in Micro Bites: Chainlink, Wasder, Axie Infinity, Binance

  • Chainlink partnered with Wasder, gaming social media on a blockchain. This means that users of the platform will enjoy the benefits of Chainlink’s oracles and smart contracts soon.
  • Binance integrated Ronin. This is the Axie Infinity ecosystem, which includes such tokens as AXS and SLP (Smooth Love Potion). Ronin is a sidechain of Ethereum and a layer-2 solution developed specially for the game.
  • The Sandbox bought the Bored Ape #3749 for 740 ETH. The ape is a captain in a black t-shirt with laser eyes. At the time of writing this article, it is worth more than $2.5M.

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