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In today’s digest, read about:

  • A Bomberman-inspired game with play-to-earn features has been launched.
  • Polkacity released a new gameplay demo. It seems like GTA or Saints Row but on blockchain.
  • Battle Racers will be available to play on smartphones in the near future, not only in Decentraland.
  • The Sandbox showed a sneak peek of the main hub with museums and dancing.
  • News micro-bites about projects such as Nestables, Splinterlands, Aavegotchi, Town Star, Axie Infinity, and ThunderCore.

Bomb Crypto is Officially Launched and Ready to Play

This is a common tendency in the crypto gaming field: most developers tend to take an already proven idea and transfer it onto the blockchain, which is not bad, actually. First of all, it has a known demand with the audience, secondly, such games are easier to market, even though the creators cannot use copyrighted characters or names.


Bomb Crypto is one such example. It’s a Bomberman-inspired game on the blockchain. Recently, the game successfully reached its official release date. This means that everyone that’s interested can check out the gameplay, as well as its play-to-earn features.

Apparently, it does look like the beloved Bomberman from 8-bit and 16-bit consoles, but with unique characters. Of course, all of them are NFTs, so you’ll need to buy them. However, there is also the option to rescue a hero. The game in its current state still lacks a marketplace, story mode, and battle mode. The main crypto of the game is $BCOIN, which is the BEP-20 token listed on the Binance Smart Chain.

The other interesting features of the game are the ability to buy, decorate, and furnish your hero’s home, as well as the special mode: ‘Treasure Hunt,’ in which you can send your bombers to mining areas in order to earn some $BCOIN.


  • It could be said that many blockchain developers are too focused on copying  pre-existing titles. but on the other hand, many people would love to see their favourite games integrated with crypto. Well, we must admit that even the idea of Ethereum itself was born because Vitalik lost some features in World of Warcraft! Having said this, some of the already popular games and their concepts are less suitable for blockchain. 
  • Let’s create some unique ideas, because blockchain is yet to show what it’s fully capable of.

Polkacity Show a New Gameplay Demo

The second game for today is also the second project based on a successful idea. This time, they borrowed the concept of open-world sandbox game and gangster-simulator, Grand Theft Auto.


The project’s name is Polkacity. Visually it’s still quite far from the GTA look, feeling more like an iOS/Android game in the Gangstar series from Gameloft.

The developers showed character interactions within the in-game world, vehicle spawning, and lightning in the new gameplay demo trailer. From what we know so far, the P2E features will be implemented by owning taxis, gas stations, and other in-game items that provide services. The game’s crypto is $POLC.

Thus, it seems to be a GTA-like game with more humble visuals, but featuring the entire economy, working with real crypto.


  • There is an inconvenient truth in these types of sandbox games on blockchain. Yes, the concept of GTA is real life-ish, however, Rockstar Games still adds a decent amount of gameplay mechanics for players to enjoy. If a game becomes too similar to real life, why should anyone play it then? 

Battle Racers Announced a Mobile Version of the Game

Battle Racers is a visually-vivid RC racing simulator with blockchain features. Those who began their gaming experience in the 90s, or earlier will remember Rock n’ Roll Racing from Blizzard.

The game is currently playable on desktop through ‘Early Access,’ as well as in Decentraland. Furthermore, the developers just announced plans to finish a mobile version of Battle Racers by the end of this year. They claimed it will be “a recharged version with brand new gameplay designed especially for your phones.”

So far, one of the more interesting features of the game is the garage where you can build your own car out of unique components. All in-game items are NFTs. Before the race begins, players are allowed to equip cars with weapons, shields, and traps.


  • The only minus that still annoys players is that gas fees that can be avoided by using the Matic sidechain. 

The Sandbox Showed a Sneak Peek of the Main Hub

The great hall, the main hub, and the rendezvous point for players are going to have a grand opening. The Sandbox is improving by leaps and bounds. In the hub, you’ll find NFT museums, a dance floor, and stores. The developers showed quite a variety of screenshots and gameplay videos that you can check out here.

The Alpha Pass is not required for visiting the place, which is a bonus. The Sandbox is slowly stepping out of Decentraland’s shadow, Hence, you should consider checking it out yourself in the near future.


  • The Sandbox took the approach of aggressive marketing. They are bombarding us with news almost every week, raising expectations. We all know that the higher expectations, the harder the fall in the case of failure. 

News Micro-bites: Nestables, Splinterlands, Aavegotchi, Town Star, Axie Infinity, ThunderCore


  • Nestables on Enjin, an interactive crypto-collectible game about small, cute cubes and their everyday lives, has announced some improvements. The game has received advanced furniture crafting and user interface updates.
  • Splinterlands became the most played blockchain game in the last 7 days, overtaking Alien Worlds. The game is visited by around 320K players every day. 
  • Aavegotchis are bridged from Polygon to Ethereum. Now, the collectables are ready to work on both networks. Although wearables and consumables are yet to have this support until the near future, portals and Gotchis are already ready for Ethereum. 
  • Town Star has launched play-to-earn features. This means the first project of Gala Games now allows players to use crypto and earn now. 
  • Axie Infinity gifted $60M to early adopters. All users who’ve been playing Axie since before October 26th 2020 received rewards in their wallets. In total, Sky Mavis distributed 800,000 $AXS. 
  • ThunderCore announced that the Iris Hard Fork will soon be coming to the network. ThunderCore is an entire dApp ecosystem with games such as Tetris, 2048, and Space Shooter, among others. 

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