Wax Platform Breaks as Street Fighter NFT Give Away Marks Entrance into the Blockchain Space

With massive discounts, the 24-hour window has seen thousands of users overloading the Wax Platform.

  • Street Fighter is coming to the Wax blockchain platform.
  • With massive discounts, the 24-hour window has seen thousands of users overloading the Wax Platform.
  • Brand new Wax packs will be available on February 18th at noon.
  • The Wax Blockchain ensures that the Street Fighter cards are original, verifiable, and cannot be falsified.

Wax has entered into an arrangement with the iconic Street Fighter franchise to introduce NFTs to the platform. Street Fighter is a popular Japanese game that is widely touted to be the best-selling game franchise in the world.

According to early reports trickling in, the Street Fighter NFT packs will be available on 18th February for only 24 hours. With the Wax platform, all Street Fighter cards are original, verifiable, and cannot be falsified.

How The Street Fighter Cards Will Work

2021 is the year digital collectibles experienced a major boom with their popularity rising every day. With this in mind, it isn’t surprising to see why Wax teamed up with the makers of the iconic brand to introduce NFTs to the game. Given Wax’s immense experience with digital collectibles, it is believed that the transition to digital cards for Street Fighters will be a seamless process.

After purchasing packs, users will begin by opening packs on Street Fighter NFT Build Card to unlock a new card that features either one of six rarities. The players can choose to continue upgrading a card and a special class card can be unlocked. The fact that build cards are burned increases their rarity and makes them valuable.

At the launch date, 8 classes will be available and since the digital token is on the Wax platform, users can buy and sell cards directly on the platform. For now, street fighter packs can only be purchased with credit cards. After the launch, the company will allow cards to be sold in Atomichub.io and Waxstash.com.

With a limited sale window of only 24 hours, thousands of collectors have generated a lot of activity on the Wax platform, almost breaking the servers.

On The Flipside

The Brands Involved

Wax is a major player in the Non-Fungible Market with total sales on Wax Market Places having exceeded $1.8 million since May 2020. Since its inception, every primary sale launched in the Wax Platform gets sold out and each of the launched NFTs contains at least 100,000 digital cards.

Purchasing a card on the Wax platform is a hassle-free process. All users have to do is to open a Wax account and make purchases with their credit.

While Street Fighter is a popular Japanese fighting game published and developed by Capcom. First released in 1987, the game has gone on to become one of the highest video game franchises of all time having sold 46 million units worldwide.

As a media franchise, it has generated sales of over $12.2 billion. Combined with Wax’s deep knowledge in the Non-Fungible Token business, the franchise’s transition to digital collectibles will be fluid.

NFTs: The Present And The Future

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a type of cryptocurrency in which every token is unique and cannot be duplicated. This makes NFTs limited and their scarcity makes them a really valuable commodity. Unlike regular Cryptos, NFTs cannot be divisible and no two NFTs can be the same.

This makes them ideal for sports trading cards, video game cards, arts, and even for movie cards. Several artists have already sold artworks using NFTs and people who purchase these works are confident that they are buying a scarce piece of art that is original and its transaction history can be verified. They can be stored in a digital wallet and resold at a later date for a profit.

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