Top 10 Crazy Things Michael Saylor Said About Bitcoin

The most bizarre comments on Bitcoin.

Top 10 crazy things Micahel Saylor said about Bitcoin

Last week, Bitcoin permabull and MicroStrategy Inc. Co-Founder Michael Saylor stepped down from the role of Chief Executive Officer.

Alongside acting as the head of business intelligence firm MicroStrategy for 33 years, Saylor also took his place in crypto history with his bullish and weird statements about Bitcoin, heating up Twitter with peculiar threads that led some commentators to question whether they should be following him.


Below is a compilation of the 10 most bizarre comments Saylor has made about Bitcoin.

10. Bitcoin Will Have the Same Fate as Online Gambling

Michael Saylor’s journey has certainly been an interesting one, as he went from bashing Bitcoin in 2013, to being one of the digital asset’s most enthusiastic proponents in 2020.

In a tweet made back in 2013, Saylor compared Bitcoin to online gambling.

The MicroStetegy Co-Founder’s position regarding Bitcoin made a drastic change, and in August 2020, MicroStrategy announced its first purchase of $250 million worth of bitcoin for its treasury reserves. Soon after, the business invested an additional $175 million into Bitcoin, bringing the total value of its BTC stock up to approximately $425 million. Saylor later disclosed that he had also bought himself millions of dollars worth of bitcoin for personal holdings.

Saylor’s Twitter account is full of statements about Bitcoin that leave followers wondering about the ex-CEO’s level of obsession over Bitcoin.

8. The Song About Moving Money at the Speed of Light.

On July 2nd, 2022, Saylor shared a song that had been compiled from public statements he had made about Bitcoin.

6. Lessons from the Ancient Egypt

On June 20th, 2022, Saylor joked about having “unearthed wisdom from ancient Egypt”. In the video shared by Saylor, scientists reproduced the voice of an Egyptian mummy, which could be heard saying the word “Bitcoin”.

5. The Death of George Washington and the Current Monetary System

Michael Saylor repeatedly stated that Bitcoin would be the tool to heal the struglling monetary and economic system. Saylor was well known for backing crypto as a hedge against inflation, but as part of that he made some particularly strange references to the death of George Washington.

4. “In Time, They Will Get the Knowledge, and You Will Get the Money”

Following the collapse of Terra, and the subsequent crash suffered by the crypto market, Saylor tweeted: “The #bitcoin price is set by those with more money and less knowledge than you. In time, they will get the knowledge and you will get the money.”

The value of Bitcoin dipped by approximately 58% in the first half of 2022, and was trading at the $31k level at the time of the tweet.

3. Time Travel with Bitcoin

Michael Saylor has consistently advocated that Bitcoin is a long-term investment, insisting that he holds interest in Bitcoin investment both personally and for MicroStrategy.

In a 2020 tweet, he poetically wrote: “The magic of Bitcoin isn’t the transfer of money to someone 10,000 miles away – it is the transfer of money to someone 10,000 days away.”

On the Flipside

  • On August 2nd, Michael Saylor announced that he was stepping down as CEO of MicroStrategy, and would instead be taking the role of executive chairman. In light of the news, MicroStrategy’s shares hit a 3-month high.
  • With its price down more than 40% since the beginning of 2022, MicroStrategy’s position on Bitcoin was a significant factor in the $917 million losses recorded by the company in Q2.

2. “Channeling Energy Through Time and Space”

In 2020, Michael Saylor tweeted: “Bitcoin is the most efficient system in the history of mankind for channeling energy through time and space.” Indeed, the concept of “Bitcoin as an energy” seems to have been particularly compelling to Saylor, at least in 2020.

1. “Bitcoin Is a Goddess of Wisdom”

Perhaps the most bizarre comment to have come from Saylor were the words: “Bitcoin is a swarm of cyber hornets serving the goddess of wisdom, feeding on the fire of truth, exponentially growing ever smarter, faster, and stronger behind a wall of encrypted energy.” The tweet, from September 2020, was posted when Bitcoin’s price was hovering at 10K, and Saylor had an almost religious belief in the power of Bitcoin.

Michael Saylor said goodbye as CEO of MicroStrategy by tweeting his plans to concentrate even more on Bitcoin in his next role. Whether it was made ironically or not, the crypto community can be sure that Saylor will continue to be a Bitcoin maximalist, and a driving force for its adoption.

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