The Spookiest NFTs [Halloween Special]

Let’s take a look at the spooky and the not-so-spooky-but-cute NFTs released so far in the market!

Halloween has a long history and has evolved extensively over time. The celebration came from Celtic harvest festivals and other pagan roots, through Christianization, crossed the Atlantic Ocean, reached North America, and transformed into trick-or-treating. 

Spooky paraphernalia and merch now fill shelves of stores and houses, and have become a part of the yearly tradition. As the future is digitalization, and singularity is around the corner, even Halloween is shifting into the virtual world. One of these steps has been the appearance of thematic NFTs


So let’s take a look at the spooky and the not-so-spooky-but-cute NFTs released so far in the market! 

The Curse NFT

This one is indeed spooky. At first glance, it’s just a 10-second 3D model of a female face under the rain. However, the story behind it is that is the #1 most searched image for “face” on Google. Krystall Schott, the girl in the image, literally felt like Google stole her own face. 

By creating the one-of-a-kind NFT, producers and creators call for justice for the girl. Through the capture of her face in the form of an NFT, Krystall Schott will receive compensation for years of being the “girl with the lost face.” Now, the true ownership is regained. The NFT is still being auctioned.

One of the leading companies in the pop culture collectibles field, Funko, tried its hand in the creation of digital collectibles this summer with its Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles NFT card drop. Now, the company has prepared a Freddy Funko Halloween drop with two types of its Digital Pop! Pack. 


The compilation features the official mascot of the company, Freddy Funko, in various Halloween-themed images, like the devil, ghost, mummy, Dracula, skeleton, Frankenstein monster, and so on. There are 5-card and 15-card packs for $10 and $30, respectively. 

The most interesting peculiarity of Funko’s NFTs is the fact that you can redeem them into real physical collectibles if you’re lucky enough to get the Legendary or Grail rarities. 

Aavegotchi Play-to-Earn Game

What could be better than owning an NFT? Of course, the possibility to use it anywhere rather than just watch and admire it on virtual shelves. The most obvious way to do this is blockchain games. 

Aavegotchi is a virtual pet game, like Axie Infinity, but with pixel-style ghosts. Each of them is an NFT, which means you literally own your gaming character. They can interact in Gotchiverse, the common hub for all Aavegotchi players. 

Also, these NFTs are universal and suitable for 2D and 3D mini-games in the multiverse. Find out more in the Halloween review of the cute-spooky game. 

Other Spooky NFT Collections in OpenSea

OpenSea is an interesting marketplace. If compared with real analogies, it seems more like a flea market than a shiny supermarket. This means that sometimes it’s possible to find hidden gems with a thorough search. Obviously, Halloween-themed collections have flooded the marketplace as well. 

For example, Halloween NFT Animated is a pack of well-animated pumpkins in different roles, even featuring the Joker and Trump. CreepyCryptos shares a similar concept but without animations. Spookies NFT is the collection of Casper-like ghosts doing their spiritual business. Creepy NFTs is one more pack of spooky stickers with great designs. 

Challenge yourself and go for a gem hunt in the marketplace! 

On The Flipside

  • Halloween-themed NFT collections are like Halloween stores that work the whole year. Although the profits before the celebration are enormous, it might be risky to create such business models if you’re not sure about their reliability. On the other hand, if you bought a Halloween item, either digital or physical, you can reuse it every year.  

Why You Should Care?

It’s Halloween! Just have fun! 

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