The Sandbox and Modhaus K-Pop Label to Bring tripleS Group to the Metaverse

The Sandbox partnered with Modhaus to bring girl group tripleS non-fungible tokens (NFTs) into the Metaverse, including avatars and wearables.

Members of K-pop music group tripleS in front of a metaverse garden
  • Modhaus will bring NFTs connected to the K-pop girl group tripleS to the metaverse.
  • Through its partnership with The Sandbox, Modhaus has the ability to create licensed NFTs, such as avatars, wearables, and other collectibles.

The Web3 K-pop connected startup known as Modhaus has made a strategic partnership with The Sandbox. Their primary goal is expanding blockchain-based K-pop engagement by creating NFTs connected to the K-pop girl group tripleS.

Together, they can now create a social hub for facilitating engagement with events hosted in the Metaverse.

tripleS NFTs, Avatars, Wearables, and Digital Collectible Items in The Sandbox

tripleS is a 24-member K-pop girl group that leverages the power of the blockchain to give their fans access to and control over a variety of different aspects of their experience.


Their community voted to create two subunits through a blockchain-based voting mechanism dubbed Gravity, created by Modhaus. These units include Acid Angel from Asia and +(KR)ystal Eyes.

Looking at Acid Angel from Asia, this unit specifically has seen a large level of success. The group released their first debut album, Access, in October of 2022, which featured the lead track Generation, which has already received 28 million views on YouTube.

As for Modhaus as a project, it was created with the primary objective of promoting Korean Pop culture on top of the blockchain. 


The project uses NFT-powered governance mechanisms to more closely connect fans with creators, and tripleS is currently its main focus with this partnership.

On the Flipside

  • There are numerous other competing K-pop-related projects that already exist and have expanded on The Sandbox. They include LINE Studio’s recent addition to the metaverse.
  • The Sandbox also partnered with Cube Entertainment, which is one of the biggest K-pop labels, which means that there is stiff competition in the K-pop space.

Why You Should Care

Fans of K-pop have had an exceptional year when it comes to metaverse expansion. Due to this appeal and popularity, cryptocurrency and NFT enthusiasts can expect a lot more companies, teams, and groups to join the virtual world and expand their offerings there.

Fans can now gain access to different types of NFTs from their favorite K-pop groups, including avatars, wearables, and digital collectibles, and they can show off their style as well as their support for the group.

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