The Auction is Now Open: Why You Should Care About ValuArt

A new digital artwork ecosystem, ValuArt, has entered the non-fungible tokens (NFT) scene today with their first drop named “Spike”.

A new digital artwork ecosystem, ValuArt, has entered the non-fungible tokens (NFT) scene today with their first drop named “Spike”.  The art piece has been created by the iconic street artist Banksy, and the auction will be up and running from ten o’clock. Most exciting, half of all proceeds raised in the auction will go directly to charity. 

Provocative works from Banksy always spark imagination and have been described as an attempt to reclaim public spaces. The artwork “Spike” is based on the original piece of the same name, which was created by Banksy in Palestine. 


ValuArt is proud to give another life to this extraordinary piece of art presented as part of a magical environment generated by blending the result of state-of-the-art technologies with the voice of Vittorio Grigòlo. 

The Mysterious History of Spike

During his travels in the West Bank, the unknown artist Banksy took a piece of the wall that separates Israel and Palestine along the West Bank. He wrote a secret word (“spike”) on it and hid the stone. It was announced that the lucky finder of the stone could email the secret word and become the certified owner of this artwork. 

The treasure hunt was successful for one of ValuArt’s co-founders and world-famous tenor, Vittorio Grigòlo. Grigòlo is reimagining the original piece by adding a storyline and breathtaking aria, performed by himself. The auction will include the storyline and a unique digital version of Banksy’s “Spike”. 

Why ValuArt Deserves Attention

You should care about ValuArt not because NFTs are at a peak or because you are looking to invest with the hopes of a bargain but because ValuArt NFTs have a true mission in digital artwork; they aim to create true value in digital space. 


ValuArt is giving art another life. 

NFT’s coming into the art world is changing the ownership archetype as well as the artist’s role. Furthermore, this can bring positive changes to art. ValuArt intends to reimagine some of the most famous artworks ever created and give today’s collectors a chance to acquire a piece of reinvented history.  

According to Etan Genini, co-founder at ValuArt, the NFT technology is empowering because it can mathematically measure and show the value of the artwork. However, by focusing only on technological infrastructure it is possible to forget that the current system is not artist friendly.  

The co-founders of ValuArt come from various backgrounds. As a result, they believe they have solved the issue and found a perfect solution. Embracing innovative technologies in art, such as NFTs, opens a new door to artists and art collectors. ValuArt is ambitious to facilitate this process for both sides to build a different future of the art world.  

In an interview with Martynas Kasiulis, co- founder of DailyCoin, he stated that it is easy to lose the true value of art in the digital world. Hence, Etan Genini aims to help artists to find the best way to represent, market and sell their work. 

What could be more important nowadays than finding a unique way to save and reinvent the art in the NFT market while simultaneously allowing artists to gain exposure? 

On The Flipside

  • ValuArt is just like other players in the NFT space. They are not only struggling with the same challenges facing the wider NFT audience but also must fight for recognition, lure in a solid user base, and most importantly find a spot under a crowded sunlight. 

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