Tether Invests $1million in Sci-Fi Strategy Game STO

  • Infinite Fleet started its public Security Token Offering on Monday.
  • Tether International Limited is already leading the round with a $1 million investment.

The upcoming sci-fi strategy game Infinite Fleet launched its first public Security Token Offering (STO) yesterday, January 18. The token will provide a profit share to investors from the game’s profits.

The new strategy game

Infinite Fleet is an MMO strategy game that focuses on the mythical final frontier of space and civilization, where thousands of players will have to create their fleets and collaborate to defeat alien threats.

The game is created by Samson Mow and the star team of game developers from Pixelmatic game studios, that worked on Age of Empires 4 and Homeworld. The team expects the Infinite Fleet to reach massive engagement and operate for the next 10 years or even more.

It is also the first massively multiplayer online (MMO) game that brings gaming and cryptocurrency assets together at a massive scale. According to its creator Samson Mow:

The world is changing rapidly and companies must adapt and innovate. Infinite Fleet will be the first proper video game to truly bring together gaming and crypto assets.


The public access to Infinite Fleet STO is open on STOKR, a blockchain-built digital marketplace that provides support for multi-blockchain issuance of the security tokens. The digital equity or security token called EXO is launched by Infinite Fleet publisher Exordium.

The tokens issued by tokenization platform Blockstream AMP and are currently available for the selected European Union countries only. The offering round is priced at $0.50 per EXO security token, which represents a proportional right to the company’s profit.

On the flipside

  • The EXOeu tokens are not cryptocurrencies, but the registered securities, that can be recovered if lost.
  • Blockchain’s gaming infrastructure, availability, and the range of games is yet at the developmental stage.

Tether leading the round

As announced, Tether International Limited is already leading the round with an investment of $1 million in EXOeu tokens. The company is a member of the Tether group, the largest stablecoin issuer in the world.

According to Paolo Ardoino, CTO at Tether International Limited, the collaboration of Samson Mow’s team and cryptocurrencies has a lot of potentials:

I see great potential in the application of crypto assets to multiplayer online games. It is a perfect match of two rapidly growing digital sectors with tremendous upside.

As for the day of publishing, the offering has already raised over $2.57 million in a private round. The big names such as Litecoin’s Charlie Lee, cyberpunk Adam Back and Bitcoin pioneer Max Keiser have also made their investments into the Infinite Fleet.

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