Tether Fortifies Reserves & USDT Profits Surge in Q1 Triumphs

Tether Holdings, a stablecoin operator, withdrew $4.5 billion from banks, reducing counterparty risk and achieving substantial growth.

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  • Tether Holdings has made a significant financial move in Q1 2023, reshaping its risk profile.
  • The company has strategically diversified its remaining bank deposits.
  • Tether has achieved remarkable milestones in its reserve allocation, bolstering its financial stability.

Stablecoin giant Tether Holdings made a noteworthy move in the first quarter of 2023, withdrawing a staggering $4.5 billion from banks. This strategic maneuver resulted in a significant reduction in counterparty risk, as reported by the company itself. 

Tether’s market capitalization experienced substantial growth, soaring from $66 billion to an impressive $82 billion during the same period. However, the company’s bank deposits witnessed a drastic decline, plummeting by over 90% from $5.3 billion to a mere $481 million.

Tether Diversifies Remaining Bank Deposits to Mitigate Losses

Remarkably, Tether managed to diversify its remaining bank deposits among multiple financial institutions, a prudent move that mitigated potential losses in the aftermath of recent bank failures. 


Simultaneously, the company made significant strides by elevating its United States Treasury bills to an all-time high of over $53 billion, representing a remarkable 64% of its reserves. 

Tether allocated a staggering 85% of its backing to cash, cash equivalents, and short-term deposits that could be promptly liquidated to fulfill redemption requests to further solidify its position. Notably, this includes an impressive $7.5 billion in repo facilities.

In an impressive display of transparency, Tether unveiled its holdings of gold and Bitcoin in its latest attestation for the quarter. This move effectively demonstrated the company’s unwavering commitment to providing clarity and openness to its stakeholders. 

Tether Reaches New Heights, Outperforms Big Names

Moreover, Tether proudly highlighted its financial achievements, surpassing the profits of notable companies such as BlackRock, Netflix, Starbucks, Cash App, and PayPal.


For months, Tether has diligently focused on enhancing its financial performance, striving to bolster its key indicators. Notably, the company announced its intention to reduce its commercial paper reserves from $20 billion to $8.4 billion by the end of June, aiming to eliminate it by year’s end. 

On the Flipside

  • Tether’s shift away from bank deposits and towards Treasury bills and other assets may not necessarily guarantee the same level of security as traditional banking institutions.
  • The company only recently revealed its holdings of gold and Bitcoin in its latest attestation, raising concerns about its reserves’ true nature and diversification.
  • Tether’s past controversies, including allegations of market manipulation and lack of transparency, may continue to cast a shadow over its recent financial achievements and spark regulatory scrutiny.

Why You Should Care

As the stablecoin operator strategically reduces counterparty risk and diversifies its holdings, it sets a precedent for risk management practices within the industry. Moreover, Tether’s exceptional financial milestones, beating the profits of industry giants like BlackRock, Netflix, Starbucks, Cash App, and PayPal, demonstrate its strong position in the cryptocurrency market.

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