Cosmos Chains

Terra Classic Hits LUNC Staking Record as Holders Await Burns
LUNC Rebounds 7% on Terra Classic’s Security Proposal Voting Delists Terra Classic Pairs, LUNC & USTC Dive 10%
Terra Classic Denies USTC Burn Proposal, But LUNC Spikes 10%
Binance Blazes 5.59B LUNC, Triggering Sideways Price Reaction
Terra Classic Community Split on ‘Burn It All’ USTC Proposal
LUNC Bounds Back into TOP 50 Upon Major Proposal Revision
Binance Eliminates 4B LUNC Following Stellar 300% Terra Run
USTC Rises 303% on LUNC Community Vote to Fix Critical Issue
LUNC Gains 25% On Terraport Relaunch As Chain Upgrade Looms
LUNC Fix Inks 50% Gains as Critical Market Function Returns
Terra Classic Devs Repay 344M LUNC Upon Entering Maintenance
Terra Luna Classic Blazes Back into Top 100 Amidst USTC Burn
Binance Torches 1B LUNC Amid Key USTC Burn Proposal Approval
Terra Classic Resets LUNC Commission Fee in Expedition Offer
Terra Classic Suspends USTC Minting, Triggers LUNC Price Rise
Terra Classic’s 160M LUNC Funding Proposal Enrages Community
Terra Classic Urges Binance to Double Up on LUNC, USTC Burns
Terra Luna Classic Forms Six Samurai Team to Fix Terra Chain
Terra Classic Hikes LUNC Deposit to 5M to Ward Off Scams