Taco Bell to Wed Lucky Couple in the Decentraland Metaverse

Lifelong Taco Bell fans look to celebrate a unique Taco-themed Indian Wedding in Decentraland.

A couple getting married by Taco Bell in the metaverse,
  • Taco Bell will tie the knot for a lucky couple in the Decentraland metaverse.
  • The fast food chain and its brand partners worked closely with the couple to plan the event. 

Taco Bell is spicing up things for one lucky couple with a metaverse wedding fiesta. The international Mexican-themed fast food chain will be wedding lucky winners of its Taco Bell Metaverse Wedding contest in Decentraland on February 24th. 

The lifelong Taco Bell fans will celebrate a unique Taco-themed Indian wedding with hundreds of guests and Decentraland users. The lucky couple worked closely with Taco Bell and its brand’s partners to plan fun and exciting festivities in Decentraland.

A Recipe for Love

Taco Bell and the couple have planned many exciting events for the metaverse wedding. American actor Kal Penn will be facilitating the spice-tacular union. The actor shares the couple’s Indian heritage and is thrilled to celebrate the wedding. 


Decentraland and Taco Bell have prepared personalized wearables, like avatar outfits, for the couple and their guests. The couple will stay true to their heritage by including sacred Indian rituals like Agni, mandap, and more. 

Once the private ceremony has concluded, the space will be open for the couple, guests, and public attendees to kick off the party. The bride and groom will partake in exciting Taco Bell-themed festivities and rituals at the metaverse wedding. 

To add to the list, Taco Bell will be throwing the newlyweds a private reception at the Pacifican Cantina Taco Bell location, where the two often went on dates. The food chain also plans to sponsor a New Zealand honeymoon for the couple. 

Taco ‘Bout a Match Made in Heaven

Taco Bell connoisseurs Sheel Mohnot and Amuruta Godbole were one of the three hundred couples that applied to win the Taco Bell Metaverse Wedding contest. 


Sheel, co-founder of Better Tomorrow Ventures, and Amruta, a lawyer at Instagram, will be cooking up a beautiful union in the metaverse. The Bay-area-based pair started their taco-filled love story with the help of a mutual friend. 

Sharing Indian roots, the two lovers also shared a deep-found passion for Tacos. The couple had some of their first IRL dates at Taco Bell locations and have been lovestruck since. 

Bride-to-be Amruta shared

"When we heard about the contest, we knew it was the perfect opportunity for us. Now that we're getting closer to the wedding day, we're excited to see the vision come to life. We're really looking forward to sharing the experience with our friends and family from all over the globe - many of whom may not have been able to attend in-person."

Groom-to-be Sheel shared

"Growing up, Taco Bell was one of the only places we'd eat out, and going there was a special occasion. Now, while eating out isn't a luxury in the same way - I somehow still find myself coming back to my familiar Taco Bell favorites. We are excited to be a part of the Taco Bell family, as well as experience things we'd never get to do in an IRL wedding - like ride an elephant to the venue!"

On the Flipside

  • In 2022, The Singaporean government shared that ceremonies of marriages, along with other government legal services, could be made available in the metaverse.
  • The first metaverse wedding took place in Decentraland and catered to a virtual crowd of over 2000 guests. However, the couple’s virtual wedding met with several technical issues as the metaverse struggled to handle the number of guests. 

Why You Should Care

Weddings, especially South Asian weddings, are some of the most eventful occasions, filled with numerous customs, traditions, and rituals. Taco Bell, Decentraland, and the to-be-wed couple are taking a huge step forward in bringing a “Desi” wedding experience to the metaverse. 

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