Sushi Launches Trident AMM Framework on Polygon

Decentralized exchange SushiSwap launched its Trident Automated Market Maker (AMM) on the Polygon blockchain today. The release is expected to set a new standard for any other AMMs that could be built on top, and is currently in its Phase-1 beta version.

Although presented as an AMM, Trident itself is closer to a production framework for building and deploying AMMs, said the official announcement. 

The majority of current AMMs operate as a decentralized and autonomous technology that enables liquidity operations on decentralized exchanges or liquidity pools.

According to the SushiSwap team, the concept behind this new framework is to facilitate consolidation of various hard-coded swap environments, which would typically require the same underlying methods, into a single interface. 

“By consolidating them into an interface, the development process can occur more rapidly at a community level,” says Sushi. 

Introduced as a next generation AMM back in 2021, Trident also looks to set a new standard for how liquidity pools are created through the use of an IPool interface, which extends into every trident protocol, and represents the core of the Trident framework. 

“Pool types have reached a point of complete saturation in the Ethereum development environment, and they would benefit from consolidation into an interface that allows developers to make advancements more rapidly, collectively,” claim the creators. “Much like the ERC-20 token standard was needed for token types to become efficient, the IPool standard is needed to make pool types more efficient,” they explained.

As stated, the first phase has been completed, with Trident’s Classic pool available to preview on the Polygon blockchain. The team says that it will be ported to other blockchains following the completion of security tests.  

SUSHI Price Jumps

The crypto markets reacted positively to the news with expectations that the launch of Trident would help to boost liquidity on Polygon’s network, and thereby contribute to the growth of the SushiSwap ecosystem.

The price of the SUSHI token jumped by almost 8%, going from $2.77 to $3.00 as of press time, however SushiSwap’s price is still more than 87% down from it’s all-time high of $23.38, reached on March 2021.

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