STEPN Ends Year With Holiday Events, Rewards, New Sneakers, And More

Stepn is doubling GST rewards and releasing exclusive sneakers to end the year on a high note.

  • Pioneer move-to-earn web3 app Stepn has announced launching its final event of the year. 
  • In appreciation of the community’s response to the move-to-earn app, Stepn is kicking off exciting events, doubling GST rewards, and releasing exclusive sneakers to end the year on a high note. 

Stepn has shared that 2022 has been a tumultuous year for the web3 app and the crypto space, and it appreciates the STEPN community, who have made it through thick and thin, to continue being a part of the community.

Ending The Year With A Bang

STEPN is committed to motivating people around the world to pick up good habits to live a healthy lifestyle. The move-to-earn incentivizes user movements by paying them with GST, Stepn’s in-game currency. Players can determine how much they earn by selecting NFT sneakers, leveling them up, and equipping them while they exercise. 

Here are details of what STEPN has planned: 

  • Starting December 16th, users can earn twice the amount of GST until the end of the event on January 1st, 2023. 
  • Players can mint shoes to gain a chance at generating exclusive one of five sneakers with a special skin, forming the letters ‘S-T-E-P-N.’
  • After collecting all five letters, players can merge their sneakers during the event to mint limited-edition Christmas edition sneakers and socks until Christmas Eve. 
  • A snapshot of all limited-edition Christmas sneakers will be taken on Christmas Eve, entitling holders to rewards such as GST and GMT airdrops, MOOAR memberships, STEPN merch, and NFTs. 
  • Starting December 24th, players can merge their lettered sneakers to mint rare New Year’s Edition sneakers. Conversely, sneaker NFT holders will be entitled to the same rewards as the Christmas edition. 

Sneakers of all rarities will be eligible to receive S-T-E-P-N sneakers from the mint. STEPN has shared it will not be adjusting GST caps, and normal enhancing will still apply during the event. Although, it’s important to note that enhancing lettered sneakers with regular sneakers will nullify players’ ability to earn the Christmas Sock or New Year’s Even Sneaker. 

On the Flipside

  • GST has significantly dropped in value after peaking at an all-time high of $8.51 this year. One GST now costs $0.02, a 99.8% decrease from its ATH. 
  • Unless players spend over $200 on virtual sneakers, the average they can earn with common in-game sneakers featuring base stats is between 1-3 GST per day.

Why You Should Care

STEPN spearheaded the move-to-earn concept in the web3 space. While move-to-earn isn’t a new concept, as games like Pokemon: Go have successfully experimented with the concept before, STEPN took it to the next level with web3 technology. The web3 app has recently collaborated with soccer players and shoe companies to launch new sneakers. Unfortunately, GST has taken a hit due to market conditions, but the game has continued to develop, showing strength and resilience despite uncertainty. 


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