Stepn’s Parent Company Inaugurates Dedicated Subscription-Based NFT Marketplace

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  • Find Satoshi Lab, the parent company of Stepn, a move-to-earn Web 3.0 app, has released an NFT marketplace called MOOAR. 
  • MOOAR will be the world’s first subscription-based multi-chain NFT marketplace and launchpad on Solana and Ethereum. The subscription model will enable MOOAR to develop a self-sustaining NFT marketplace and ecosystem.
  • Moreover, the NFT marketplace will be providing additional value and utility for eligible STEPN users and the STEPN (GMT) token.

Find Satoshi Lab is committed to onboarding new users to Web 3.0 by utilizing Web 3.0 technologies in Web 2.0 business models. The MOOAR NFT marketplace aims to attract creators with a 0% service fee, incentivizing royalties and creative freedom to build and sell NFTs on the platform.

MOOAR Utility for STEPN (GMT)

STEPN is the world’s first and leading move-to-earn game where players can earn STEPN (GMT) by walking, jogging, or running. Players can determine how much they earn by selecting NFT sneakers and equipping them while they exercise. 

STEPN aims to motivate people around the world to employ healthy lifestyles and good habits by incentivizing them with cryptocurrencies. STEPN, alongside DOOAR, has played a major role in building the foundation for Find Satoshi Lab’s ecosystem. 

MOOAR will be the latest addition to this ecosystem and will play a vital role in generating more utility for the STEPN (GMT) token, as well as attracting creators with easy-to-understand business models. 

Here’s what MOOAR offers: 

  • MOOAR is a Profile Picture, creator centric NFT marketplace based on Ethereum and Solana. 
  • MOOAR consists of an NFT marketplace and an NFT launchpad. Users can buy and sell NFTs, vote for interesting projects on the launchpad, and engage in a gamified trading experience. 
  • Currently, users can buy Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs (BAYC), VeeFriends NFTs, and other popular NFT collections. Users will soon be able to purchase STEPN sneakers on the platform. 
  • Users can gain perks such as zero service fees by paying $29.90 for the subscription. In contrast to other NFT marketplaces, MOOAR utilizes a membership model to generate revenue and become a self-sustaining ecosystem. 
  • Notably, the Platform has launched with no optional royalties, providing further benefits to creators. MOOAR has a royalty policy of 0.5 – 10% with a 2% default when users mint a collection. 
  • Finally, MOOAR will be gifting eligible STEPN users with free memberships as an appreciation for STEPN. Additionally, new users can claim a month’s free subscription on the MOOAR website to test out the NFT marketplace. 

How to get a MOOAR Membership for Free

MOOAR will be introducing additional utility for the STEPN (GMT). The platform aims to work in tandem with STEPN and DOOAR to power a self-sustaining model. MOOAR will be launching perks for STEPN (GMT) token holders and STEPN users with exclusive perks. 

  • Genesis Sneaker Owners, users with over 1500 km run, and users who have given out over 50 activation codes will be eligible for a free membership to the MOOAR NFT marketplace. 
  • STEPN users will gain more perks as more projects launch on the platform. 
  • Moreover, STEPN (GMT) will be used to vote for upcoming NFT projects in the MOOAR NFT Launchpad. 

On the Flipside

  • A MOOAR subscription fee costs $29.90 per month. The most expensive Sneaker on STEPN costs 150 SOL, or $37.66. 
  • MOOAR has not yet listed STEPN sneakers on its platform, despite claiming to work in tandem with the move-to-earn app.

Why You Should Care

STEPN is one of the largest projects on Solana, with over 5 million active users worldwide. The MOOAR NFT marketplace is a key achievement in creating a healthy ecosystem for creators. MOOAR, alongside the Find Satoshi Lab ecosystem, can help newer users transition to Web 3.0 through its self-sustaining and connected ecosystem. 


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