Spielworks to Invigorate Web3 Development with WombatX Accelerator

Spielworks has devised a plan to reignite developer interest in Web3 Gaming.

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  • Development has been slow in Web3 gaming despite the sector attracting billions of dollars in capital. 
  • Spielwork plans to reignite development with its solution, Wombat X. 
  • As long as they meet requirements, any developer can participate. 

While some projects have been showing ample signs of recovery this year, the cryptocurrency sector has been reeling from the aftermath of the chaos that ensued in 2022, resulting in many projects closing and the development side of things slowing down. 

However, despite these challenges, the Web3 gaming industry rakes in billions of dollars in venture capital. Still, because of its nascency, Web3 gaming has hitherto lacked the same level of developer interest as the DeFi and blockchain sectors. 


So, to reignite developer interest in Web3 Gaming, blockchain startup Spielworks has devised a plan to put many exciting industry prospects on the map. 

Spielworks Accelerates Web3 Gaming

Spielworks, an upcoming blockchain startup, looks to fill the gaps in the Web3 gaming sector by launching its Web3 gaming startup accelerator Wombat X, which would empower projects to improve their gaming experience and expand their reach. 

Through Wombat X, Spielworks look to encourage Web3 game developers to register their games and take advantage of the 65,000 daily users and three million signups on the Wombat ecosystem, its non-custodial Wallet, and the experience and mentorship of some of the top projects in the space. 

This includes some of the best AA and AAA web3 titles, NFT games, and partners, including Crypto.com-backed EVM-compatible Layer-1 solution Cronos. 


Spielworks CEO and Co-Founder Adrian Krion said of Wombat X: 

“Web3 gaming is in a beta stage currently, and there is a pressing need to establish best practices around game development to ensure the industry’s long-term sustainability. By working with a wide range of promising Web3 gaming projects and startups, Wombat X aims to facilitate a more mature ecosystem. Our unique program provides a diverse educational curriculum while exposing our participants to Spielworks’ Wombat platform, the biggest Web3 gaming platform. Needless to say, we and all our partners can’t wait to launch.”

Wombat X will play a crucial role in reinforcing the Web3 gaming industry by providing adequate exposure to exciting new games. The accelerator is open to all and, most importantly, free. 

How to Apply to WombatX

Wombat X primarily focuses on enhancing most games’ user experience and providing exposure to deserving titles. To apply to the accelerator, developers must meet the following requirements: 

  • Developers need to submit a playable demo release
  • Games should have integration with Wombat as the preferred login option
  • Games are required to integrate with Cronos or one of Wombat’s supported blockchains (Wax, Polygon, BNB Chain, Ethereum, EOS, and more)
  • Developers consent to share 0.3% of their token supply with Wombat’s audience
  • Games should support Wombat’s Tracking software development kit (SDK)

On the Flipside

  • Cross-chain NFT marketplace Magic Eden also has a unique Web3 gaming accelerator supporting over a dozen games. 
  • Gaming-optimized blockchain Oasys launched an ecosystem fund focusing on Web3 gaming projects in January 2023.

Why You Should Care

While interest in Web3 gaming has been slow this year, investors and reputable gaming studios and developers are still lurking, looking for ways to enter the industry. Wombat X could allow both indie and professional developers to enter the space and reach millions of users. 

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