Sony’s New Metaverse Wearable Transfers User’s Movements to Virtual Avatar

Sony unveiled its latest play in the fight for the metaverse.

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  • Sony’s new six-piece Mocopi system will let users transfer their movements into an avatar.
  • The Mocopi kit is a low-cost way for users to join the metaverse.

Sony has recently unveiled its latest gadget – a set of motion trackers that will allow users to interact with augmented reality on a deeper level.

Sony’s new Mocopi system is a set of six motion trackers designed to wrap around the user’s head, wrists, hips, and ankles. With only its sensors and a mobile app, Sony’s Mocopi tracks the movements of the entire body.


The wearables let users transfer their movements into a virtual avatar in real-time. Set to reach the shelves in January of 2023, they will be available for Android and iPhone users.

Mocopi is just Sony’s latest entry into the metaverse world. Sony had already announced its entry into the metaverse race with its PlayStation VR headset. The headset, which plugs into PlayStation 5 consoles, will likely launch in 2023. However, the PS VR price tag of about $600, together with a $500 price tag for the console, puts it beyond the budgets of many gamers.

The Mocopi system could be Sony’s play to enter a market of casual and social gaming. The Mocopi system will sell for 49,500 yen ($360) in Japan, making it a more accessible option than PS VR.

Sony’s new Mocopi system has attracted particular attention among live streamers, as it could be a game-changer in one section of the industry.


VTubing, a trend started in Japan, is a form of live streaming where streamers display 2D or 3D virtual avatars instead of their face and body. Prominent Vtubers have called Sony’s Mocopi absolutely huge, as it could significantly lower the barrier to entry for creators.

Beyond VTubing, Mocopi could also let average users immerse themselves in their virtual avatars. 

Metaverse projects have so far struggled with reaching the mass adoption they need to achieve scale. Meta, in particular, has been a target of immense criticism for its Horizon Worlds metaverse venture. Its metaverse has fewer users than expected, and most don’t come back after the first month.

On the Flipside

  • Apple and Snap are leading the development of augmented reality software. Snapchat lets users create custom avatars that mimic their movements without the need for motion trackers.

Why You Should Care

Better and more accessible hardware will likely have a positive effect on metaverse adoption.

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