Why the PNE Token is the Next Revolution that Every Crypto Investor Should Read About in 2023

Despite the proclaimed transition towards renewable energy technologies and other improvements, the energy sector still remains largely where it was decades before.

Despite the proclaimed transition towards renewable energy technologies and other improvements, the energy sector still remains largely where it was decades before. It continues to be controlled by oligopolies, allowing a handful of companies to dictate the pricing on the market for all stakeholders. Businesses and consumers are forced to pay immense prices for electricity: 

The price of energy in the EU has reached record levels in 2022

That same electricity is produced through methods proven to be polluting the environment, furthering the ongoing environmental crisis we are in. Despite their proven disastrous effects on the environment, oil, coal, and gas are covering nearly 80% of energy demands in the US, even though coal-fired power plants are responsible for 35% of dangerous mercury emissions and about 66% of sulfur dioxide emissions.

There is a great need for a considerable paradigm shift in how we approach our energy demands!

Decarbonice and the revolutionary solution for the energy sector

Decarbonice is a new full-fledged ecosystem for the energy sector that introduces a disruptive business model for the democratization of clean energy production that is the solution to both the issue of rising prices and the environmental crisis.

We provide an alternative to households and businesses who are reluctant to acquire their own renewable energy installations due to the high initial and recurring investments required, as well as the lack of knowledge and experience when it comes to maintenance, installation and other aspects of using them. Our model allows us to remove all of the entry barriers to the renewables market, keep the initial investment minimal and thus reduce the risk and uncertainty for every prospective renewable energy unit owner, allowing an easy entry for all stakeholders.

We provide an alternative approach for the energy sector that is currently in the grasp of monopolies imposed by electricity suppliers by allowing everyone to cover their energy demands through clean energy at little to no risk and extremely low prices. We are striving to make the concept of energy independence a reality for everyone.

The Decarbonice project has already implemented its pilot project which serves as the proof of concept for the business model. Blacklite Arena, a working business in Austria with a considerable track record, managed to save considerable energy costs over the course of just one year through the disruptive model introduced by Decarbonice. The CEO of the company, Tobias Buen, reported that his business managed to save around € 30.000,- in electricity and heating costs per year at a very low initial investment, simply by depositing PNE tokens that are locked as collateral for a duration and then released.

The PNE token for the energy sector

The PNE token is the revolutionary solution supporting the company’s business model that also offers a unique combination of advantages currently in the cryptocurrency market. Here are five reasons why every crypto investor should consider including PNE in their portfolio:

Reason 1: PNE is the first token on the cryptocurrency market that is energy- and climate positive and, as such, the driving factor for decarbonization. One token represents clean energy produced by our community members who opt-in to receive a free renewable energy installation against a small collateral in PNE. The more the token becomes valuable over time through the tokenomics and the increased amount of energy produced with our business model, the more energy it represents and the higher the collateral of the holders becomes. This is a self-reinforcing mechanism that drives the ecosystem and our vision for decarbonization through clean energy at low prices.

Reason 2: The PNE token will finally make low-cost energy easily accessible to businesses and consumers and thus promote real energy decentralization. The token combines the benefits of blockchain technology with an effective working economy, allowing us to move away from ineffective monopolies that are currently plaguing the market with their absurd prices.

Reason 3: The token is deflationary through burning and buybacks. With a percentage of the net profit, we will buy back PNE from exchanges and either burn them or dedicate them to the community reward pool. Furthermore, all profits of the company are transformed to PNE – we are fully committed to putting the token above our financial interests, which is envisioned to become a win-win scenario for all stakeholders involved in the long term.

Reason 4: PNE offers one of the widest scope of possible rewards among cryptos that investors can look for. Holding PNE yields passive rewards over time similar to staking. Additionally, holders are further rewarded with airdrops and various advantages from a special community reward pool that the project refills regularly through a percentage of the buybacks. PNE holders thus have numerous ways to earn with PNE at little to no risk.

Reason 5: PNE is a visionary financial instrument that is positioned in one of the industries with the highest expected growth rate in the future. The market for low-cost CO2-free energy is gigantic and will continue to grow with the increasing demand for energy, the need for environmental action and the introduction of more concepts like electric vehicles, microgrids, and others.  It is therefore expected that the demand will quickly outgrow the supply, which will also cause the price of clean energy to rise. By positioning PNE as an effective tool for clean energy generation, we are establishing the foundation for the future of how consumers and businesses will cover their electricity needs.

Decarbonice is giving one last chance to investors who want to get their hands on one of the most promising tokens in the foreseeable future – and beyond. Sign-up for the whitelist now to secure your 50% discount before the sale hits on the first of June  – www.decarbonice.io

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