Use an NFT Calendar to Keep Track of the Newest NFT projects


An NFT calendar can help you stay updated on all the latest NFT projects that are released every single day. This allows you to be able to browse through and check out whether anything interesting has been released without having to do the research yourself. Read more about NFT calendars here. 

In the world of NFTs, things are moving fast. It can be difficult to keep track of all the latest NFTs projects that might be interesting for you. This is where an NFT calendar comes in handy. It can help you to stay updated, so you are sure not to miss any important new NFT project arising. You can find an NFT calendar and follow upcoming NFT projects here. Read more about how and why to use an NFT calendar below.

Get updates on the latest news

There are several hundred new NFT releases every month. These are NFTs of all kinds in every category. Keeping track of all these would take a tremendous amount of research. With an NFT calendar, you’re spared from all the research. You automatically get updates on all the latest news. The NFT’s calendars are constantly updated as new NFT projects are released. Every day you can check the calendar for new updates and see if there’s anything you might be interested in. 

General or curated

There are many different types of NFT calendars that you can choose from. The most important thing to be aware of is whether you want a general or curated calendar. The curated one picks out the most interesting NFT projects and leaves out the rest. The general one incorporates all of the new NFTs projects.

Save time on research with a curated calendar

You should choose a curated one if you want to save yourself even further time on research. Here you only have to read about the NFT project that the curators find interesting. The downside is that you have to trust the curators and there might be projects that you’d find interesting but aren’t presented to. If you’re serious about your NFT investment, you might not want to rely completely on other people’s evaluations.

Make your own calls with a general calendar

If you choose the general calendar you have to do the legwork yourself. There will be a lot of projects presented to you that you have to research yourself. But you will get a much better overview of what is truly happening in the world of NFTs. You can make your own impressions and judgements and choose the ones that you find most interesting out of the bunch.

Filter your search

No matter which of the NFT calendars you choose, you also can filter your search. So if you have some areas that you are particularly interested in, you can focus your search on these projects and leave out the rest. That’ll save you a lot of time and make sure you find the right NFT projects for you. 

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