The Next Big Crypto Is BudBlockz, But Can It Overtake Tezos?

The cryptocurrency market is flourishing. Many enticing projects appeal to investors, but competition will most likely push some of them out in the long term.


The cryptocurrency market is flourishing. Many enticing projects appeal to investors, but competition will most likely push some of them out in the long term. BudBlockz is a new platform that revolutionizes the nascent marijuana industry, but does it have the potential to overtake the established Tezos network? If you are looking for the right cryptocurrency for your portfolio, check out the following sections. 

Tezos Vs BudBlockz

The cryptocurrency market is currently in a bearish trend, but investors who choose their assets carefully may see this through on a highly positive note. Tezos is a project that supports the Web3 revolution and is set to benefit people who develop financial products on the blockchain. It also provides investors with a passive revenue stream as exchanges offer Tezos staking. 


BudBlockz, on the other hand, is the first decentralized platform that caters to cannabis enthusiasts, ranging from farmers to consumers and even investors who want to benefit from the legalization of marijuana, which is currently becoming a reality in more and more countries. 

The Budblockz project allows interested parties to conduct transactions in a safe, transparent marketplace that operates 24/7. One of its unique selling points is the NFT marketplace, which allows investors to become fractional owners of farms and dispensaries in cannabis-friendly countries. 

Can BudBlockz Overtake Tezos?

BudBlockz has all it takes to become a serious challenger in the crypto market. Perhaps one of the main aspects that indicate BudBlockz’s superiority would be the target audience. Tezos platform is used to create new digital assets and dapps (decentralized applications), while BudBlockz is designed to cater to anyone from cannabis enthusiasts to investors in the cannabis industry and dispensaries. 

Although still in the pre-sale period, BudBlockz has already captured investors’ attention. The private sale resulted in 26 million BLUNT tokens being already claimed by investors. 

BudBlockz is a lot more than a simple crypto project. Essentially, it connects marijuana enthusiasts from all over the world, providing a safe marketplace where interested parties can interact and own assets using secure blockchain technology. 


It aims to be an all-inclusive environment where members receive many perks, including access to investment opportunities, the latest news in the cannabis industry, and even fractional ownership of cannabis businesses. This will create a tight community among investors and help them profit from the accelerating growth of the cannabis industry. 

Bottom Line

In a world where digital assets become the norm, adding BudBlockz and Tezos to a diversified portfolio seems intuitive. While the crypto market is still in a bearish mood, investors may be able to reap the benefits of their well-chosen investments very soon. BudBlockz has all it takes to revolutionize the nascent marijuana industry, which is growing thanks to legalization and is expected to be valued at more than $175 billion within a decade. 

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