Stellar and ApeCoin can’t Compare to BudBlockz’s 220% Growth

Steller: An Innovative Blockchain Payments Network

If crypto investors have learned any lesson following the 2022 crypto winter, it’s this: only invest in projects that promise real-world utility, long-term value and success roadmap, and innovative features and functionalities. This is where BudBlockz comes into play – amongst a handful of new crypto projects that have skyrocketed to success and popularity in just a few months.

In light of this, we’re going to talk about why BudBlockz will be the new king of crypto in 2023, along with some other altcoins such as Stellar and ApeCoin. 

BudBlockz: A Premier Cannabis-Based Crypto Bringing Users and Suppliers Together

BudBlockz’s main goal is to quickly and seamlessly expand the world of legal marijuana and cannabis by streamlining accessibility and offering users a diverse variety of products they can buy and sell via blockchain. By providing anonymity and secure payments, BudBlockz has already revolutionized the marijuana industry, effectively digitizing it globally. Using the company’s native crypto token (BLUNT), users can buy, sell, and govern the ecosystem of BudBlockz, ensuring scalability and security. 

BudBlockz is an Ethereum-based company and is ERC-20-compatible, allowing users to buy different cannabis products on a decentralized finance platform seamlessly. The company also offers a P2E platform for members to use their BLUNT coins to participate in exclusive gaming tournaments and win more BLUNT and other rewards. 

In addition, BudBlockz has also launched its 10,000 NFT collection, known as Ganja Guruz. The retro-themed non-fungible tokens provide members with the opportunity to become fractional stakeholders in various marijuana and cannabis dispensaries throughout the world, earning monthly dividends. With Ganja Guruz, you will also have the chance to access unique cannabis marketplaces and buy exclusive products at discounted prices. 

Steller: An Innovative Blockchain Payments Network

Developed as an open-source blockchain protocol, Stellar is a creative project that promises to streamline and enhance the overall blockchain payments infrastructure. Steller enables users to consolidate all their transactional activities in one place, effectively making it easier for them to manage their blockchain finances. With XLM (Stellar’s native crypto), users can send and receive payments quicker and more cost-effectively. 

ApeCoin: A Wonderful Web3 Protocol

ApeCoin operates on the Ethereum blockchain and aims to standardize the blockchain’s infrastructural and network security while allowing users to migrate gradually to the metaverse. It is bringing the metaverse culture right to blockchain networks. Using ApeCoin, members can interact with one another using various digital mediums such as gaming, digital art, and much more. 


Bottom Line

To summarize, the benefits and use cases offered by BudBlockz so far remain unmatched. With the company’s quick rise to fame and growing investor interest, there’s no doubt the company is set to become one of the biggest names in crypto this year. 

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