Swapin Whale Watch: What Crypto Whales Are Using For Crypto-To-Fiat Solutions

All across the crypto market, those who got in early or found the right opportunity have built a strong foundation of wealth.

All across the crypto market, those who got in early or found the right opportunity have built a strong foundation of wealth. These savvy investors often have large amounts of capital behind them and know how to put it to work and move the market. The cryptocurrency community affectionately refers to these fortunate folks as “whales.”
Whether it is causing the prices of cryptocurrencies to pump or dump with massive buy or sell orders or splurging on flaunty luxury items like watches, cars, clothes, yachts, or expensive real estate – when whales do anything, they make a big splash.

Word around Telegram, Discord, and the other platforms whales lurk on, is that they’ve discovered a treasure trove of crypto-to-fiat solutions to expedite their expensive spending habits and satisfy the speeds and convenience they have come to expect from cryptocurrencies, while moving money through the traditional financial system.


Here is how crypto whales are leveraging Swapin solutions.

What Is Swapin?

Swapin, formerly PiixPay, is a leader in providing a wide range of crypto-to-fiat products and services to businesses and consumers across Europe. The licensed and regulated brand allows anyone to use cryptocurrencies to make everyday common transactions, while Swapin tools instantly convert the digital assets to use or spend at retailers, and more.

Individuals can access tools like InstaFill, InstaPay, and Predefined payments. InstaFill connects a special Swapin crypto wallet to a bank account. Each time funds hit the crypto wallet, they’re instantly converted into euros and sent to the specified bank account. InstaPay lets anyone use digital assets to send money to friends and family or make payouts for goods and services. Predefined payments take InstaPay to the next level by allowing recurring monthly payments to internet providers, landlords, utility companies, and more.

Businesses also can enable their customers to pay for items or services in cryptocurrencies using tools like CoinCollector and the E-Com e-commerce widget. CoinCollector lets companies issue invoice URLs with pre-filled information that allows customers to pay in crypto. The E-Com widget also lets customers pay in crypto directly on a website or online store. All Swapin business solutions instantly convert digital assets into euros and send the funds to a connected corporate IBAN account.

Why Whales Love Swapin

Swapin is opening up an entirely new world for crypto whales. In the past, cashing out six or seven figures (or even above!) would mean all kinds of red tape slowing down the process, moving the money from account to account until the funds eventually hit the intended bank account, sans whatever fees each intermediary took along the way. For whales, fees add up. Even 1% of $1 million is ten thousand dollars. After several intermediaries and moving through the SWIFT banking system, whales might end up with tens of thousands of dollars in unnecessary and unintended costs. Not to mention facing off with notorious crypto market volatility.


Crypto whales instead are converting crypto-to-fiat directly in a variety of ways using Swapin. For example, rather than cashing out crypto each time they need it the old way, they’ve got their InstaFill wallet ready to rapidly access cash each time they need it. They’re also paying for major expenses using InstaPay and Predefined payments rather than moving crypto into cash and then making payments through a bank – essentially cutting out steps in the process.

Another way crypto whales are benefiting from Swapin innovations is when they are looking to buy luxury items or real estate. Crypto whales are known for flashing their Rolexes and APs, but buying them in the past was a pain. Now, Swapin whales can purchase such items by using crypto, and the dealers receive fiat instead. Swapin also recently partnered with real estate giant RE/MAX, so crypto whales can even splurge on vacation homes, investment properties, and more using their crypto holdings.

How Swapin Solutions Solve Problems For Everyone

As the saying goes, “more money, more problems.” Being a crypto whale might seem like a simple swim in the ocean, but making money from activities like Bitcoin mining, NFTs, DeFi, or crypto trading can mean significant challenges in accounting and cashing it out. While crypto is clearly a financial revolution, the traditional system isn’t going anywhere any time soon, and for now, Swapin has these two worlds connected and in sync for the first time.

Because whales are wealthy, they often have access to exclusive services that the public does not. However, Swapin products bridge the gap between digital assets and the traditional banking system for users of any kind – not just crypto whales. Everyday users, businesses, and more can take advantage of the same services that whales rely on. To learn more about how Swapin solutions can help you, visit the official website or try the Swapin app today.

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