Shorter Finance Severing Massive DeFi Users From Desperate Bear Markets as an Entitled Narrative

Intellectual analysts and investors believe that the crypto industry is at a nascent stage in the long run, the DeFi market is enveloped by a bearish atmosphere somewhat.

Market capitalization of the crypto industry fell down the stairs gravely, sticking “rock bottom” of 2019’s price levels. Intellectual analysts and investors believe that the crypto industry is at a nascent stage in the long run, the DeFi market is enveloped by a bearish atmosphere somewhat. 

Two sides of the same coin inextricably link. Shorter Finance launched the Rinkeby Testnet as a response to the market downturn, intending to help DeFi users during the ongoing bear market. Heavily eyed by giant capitals, a bunch of star web3 developers have been contributing to this unique project for months.

Amid 2021 Q2, Co-Founder Brady Carey made an assertion that stark economic realities triggered by a series of Fed rate hikes would roll major markets into mist. Shorter Finance aimed to implement effective efforts to get users accessible “alpha” amongst this deepening market. As Brady’s words said before, the financial recessions identified the users’ frustration and then pushed the victims to Shorter’s onboarding. They are prone to get involved in risk-free farming therapy. For the generality of this industry, Shorter is an imminent DeFi “Gray Rhino” carrying an imposing slogan—”Build for bear markets”.  

The stereotype about DeFi products makes some crypto holders pull out a time-honored question at random times—”Why Shorter Finance matters to DeFi players”. Many reckon that the Shorter team already spent exhaustive energy on technology and production. On the other end, the mindful team operates on an elementary rule: too many marketing moves would poison a gifted project to ailing.

Some retail investors think single-sided farming is plain and without a splendid blueprint. Compound, one of the higher-ups in this sector, can only provide 20 coins’ yielding markets under the constraints of lending requirements. By contrast, in the perspective of DeFi whales, Shorter is considered as an infrastructure paved for trade-centric dapps in the future and ready for enabling the users to maximize their capital and grab profit that is produced in real demands’ fulfillment.

Oftentimes, upended innovators come in with jealous rivals. Last week, the same batch of attackers who brought millions of dollars in losses to Optimism by volumetric traffic attack, invoked the unmitigated acts to Shorter Finance. But the urging intrigue was smashed by the latter in hours. Instead of the supposed fiasco, a comprehensive victory was witnessed by Shorter’s community. 

An impressive announcement appeared on Shorter’s Twitter after. The tweet says: 

Our website is just a shell, all mechanisms are running on chain and can’t be sabotaged somehow.

The Shorter Dev Team swiftly came up with a truly decentralized configuration, users can replace the upfront endpoint set in Shorter’s web UI with an alternative one. That tiny change allows users to occupy the data flow via their own RPC provided by Pokt. Consequently, each user can be entertained by intriguing decentralized interaction procedures without any obstruction. 

In a word, the front-end merely provides an access portal. Shorter’s intact features can be unleashed somehow once people are capable of interacting with blockchain on their own. Average protocols can’t rival Shorter’s exclusive functionalities and overall robustness.

In the post-attack time frame, Shorter Team responded to a few complaints on data latency from the community:

Wonderful! Activists opted to interact with key smart contracts of Shorter directly via their own codes apart from being jeopardized by the lame 3rd RPC endpoints’ death. Salute to the people who got a pivotal feature of Shorter — “100% on-chain & never halt”.

Back to the lines of Shorter’s documentation, they had been doubling down on workouts against adverse activities long before their testnet release.  Shorter’s underlying technology stacks are running in a decentralized way, meanwhile, websites and apps can be affected easily by attackers. With the unique design, Shorter innately can adapt the interoperation with varying ends. Soon, the platform will leak a guideline for seamless integration with Discord.

Multiple problems caused by vulnerabilities are rudimentary hurdles that should be faced and handled in advance for each DeFi project. Last month, Shorter unveiled its code audit report which was performed by Certik. The audit report handed by Certik discovers some clues that Shorter cuts itself off from the possible vulnerability and overwhelming privileges for individual accounts. The report indicates that risky points among different levels turned out to be 0 collectively. “That is incredible”, described by a senior manager in Certik, “I’ve never ever seen a DeFi project like Shorter”.

After all these years the desire for decentralization has been raised by crypto holders, the only product that can pilot the post-DeFi industry forward.

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