Ripple (XRP) vs. BudBlockz (BLUNT): Which is Here to Stay?

Cryptocurrencies are the ideal financial instrument for investors willing to leap into the future of technology with an investment mechanism that puts them in the driver’s seat.

Cryptocurrencies are the ideal financial instrument for investors willing to leap into the future of technology with an investment mechanism that puts them in the driver’s seat. With limited involvement of a central authority like a bank, cryptocurrencies have emerged as a cost-effective investment option whose returns are not massively impacted by market conditions or external factors. You can research top performers like Ripple and BudBlockz. Next, evaluate their features and performance and then make a final decision. Here’s a review of the key features of the two cryptocurrencies.

BudBlockz: Driving impact in the cannabis industry with blockchain

BudBlockz is a decentralized e-commerce platform that facilitates easy and secure access to cannabis products and global markets. The platform has been designed to create a fair and democratized environment for both beginners and experienced cannabis enthusiasts who want to explore opportunities in the global cannabis market. The platform is built on the Ethereum blockchain network and is compatible with leading blockchains and virtual machines. 


It has also rolled out a native token known as $BLUNT, which will be used for various transactional purposes on the platform, like trading non-fungible tokens (NFTs), token swapping, earning rewards, and liquidity management, among others. Moreover, its smart contracts have been audited by credible and leading third parties like Solidity Finance. 

The total supply of the $BLUNT Token is 420,000,000 units, and interested users will be able to purchase the tokens on presale. Of the total supply, 25.6% of tokens will be available for presale and 6.4% for private sale. The token is built on a deflationary model whereby these tokens are regularly burned to keep their value stable and minimize price fluctuations.

One of the key features of BudBlockz is its NFT series and secure marketplace that investors get to access for trading these assets. Its NFT series is called Ganja Guruz, and its supply is limited to 10,000 units. The series comprises an eclectic mix of digital art that’s deeply inspired by 1990s video games. The limited collection of NFTs aims to promote air distribution and has been created on the ERC-721 blockchain. Once a buyer purchases an NFT, they get to access a host of benefits, including membership in BudBlockz’s dispensaries worldwide.  They will also be eligible for discount codes on BudBlockz products. However, what sets the NFT series apart is the concept of fractional ownership. With every BudBlockz NFT a person buys, they are eligible for a certain percentage of fractional ownership in cannabis dispensaries and farms that the platform owns.


To become a fractional owner, one has to buy an NFT from the Ganja Guruz collection. Once that is done, buyers will have to submit an application for access to a ‘members only’ space. Users should know that they won’t be eligible for ownership if they purchase a Ganja Guruz NFT and complete the KYC process.

Many cryptocurrency analysts believe that BudBlockz has the advantage of a higher potential for long-term growth. Investors can also look forward to multiple options for earning passive income while exploring a new sector.

Ripple to team up with Europe-based Lemonway and Xbaht

Ripple is a blockchain-based platform for designing enterprise-grade solutions for businesses. With Ripple, businesses can look forward to more cost-effective alternatives to traditional financial services. With Ripple’s decentralized solutions, businesses can reduce their capital requirements, source cryptocurrencies, process instant payments, garner new audience groups, and boost their revenue. Its native token is called XRP and can be used for staking and other similar transactional uses. In a recent development, Ripple announced that it would be partnering with European payment solutions firms Lemonway and Xbaht, and the latter would be leveraging Ripple for their cryptocurrency-based payments, on-demand liquidity provisioning, managing internal treasury, and cost-effective remittances.

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