Blockchain Property Gate: Reviving Affordable Housing in Real Estate’s Danger Zone

High inflation and economic turmoil have made real estate unaffordable. Blockchain Property Gate aims to lower costs by renovating undervalued properties, offering a solution.

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The real estate market is in a bad shape. High inflation, economic turmoil, geopolitical conflicts, and continuing urbanization have caused prices to skyrocket and have ultimately resulted in greater entry capital requirements for investors and prospective homeowners. 

The current market situation of the real estate sector is grim, to say the least. Rising prices combined with the necessity of bank loans are the biggest issue – the spiking interest rates often force buyers to sell the house, give it back to the bank or take on new loans in order to cover their payments. This results in the never-ending circle, harming buyers and the real estate sector as a whole. Ultimately, affordable housing is getting more and more out of reach, to the point where it has pretty much disappeared completely. 

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The Dependance of the Real Estate Sector on Banks 

The increasing interest rates are not not the only issue banks are causing. One of the biggest issues buyers are facing are the adjustable rates banks are offering these days.An adjustable rate allows the bank to increase it at any point, essentially resulting in higher monthly payments required from the borrower.

Here Blockchain Property Gate has a major advantage. BPGT does neither depend on banks, nor on the cyclic nature of the real estate market. Instead, BPGT utilizes its longstanding experience on the market and enhances it with blockchain technology to finance its real estate projects.

Headed for a Disaster

As a result of the crisis the real estate sector is facing, real estate companies are going bankrupt right now.  To make the situation even worse, the incompetence of current politicians and governments means that they are unable to face the challenges presented by the rising demand for housing. Instead of looking for solutions to remedy the situation and provide affordable housing, they seem to be seemingly emotionless without any intent or idea on how to solve the problem. 

A Possible Solution: Blockchain Property Gate

Blockchain Property Gate is a project that aims to offer a solution to the issues with housing affordability and the high capital requirements for real estate investors.

Blockchain Property Gate has also come up with a unique business concept that will help to bring back affordable housing. Instead of building new properties or purchasing them for a lot of money, the business focuses on buying under-valued, cheap properties, which are inhabitable but in decent condition. The company then renovates and upgrades these buildings and offers them for sale or rent. Since costs of renovation are much lower than building costs or purchasing brand new housing, the entry barriers for investors and buyers or renters are also significantly lower. In addition, renovation of real estate is faster than building new properties. As such, BPGT is able to offer affordable housing quickly, at lower than average pricing and on a bigger scale, while taking advantage of the benefits of cryptocurrencies and their independence and flexibility. 

BPGT is an ERC 1400 token on the Ethereum blockchain. The security token is a perfect choice, as it allows not only the payment of dividends to investors, but also offers the highest security possible on the crypto market. The token is registered in the US and regulated by the SEC, taking away many of the legal issues cryptocurrencies face these days. 


Blockchain Property Gate utilizes its considerable expertise in the real estate market and combines it with the advantages offered by blockchain technology, ensuring transparent dividend payouts to token holders. Having already completed over 150 development projects successfully in the last 30 years, the team has the capacity and experience to kick off its initial stage with the acquisition and renovation of 500 units by the end of 2024.

To learn more about the project and its upcoming private sale, visit and consider signing up for the whitelist. Early adopters will receive 10% bonus tokens on their investment.

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