Metabook Reputational Platform Will Present The Web3 Economy Consortium at Davos and Share $200M Revenues

Metabook is creating the first blockchain mechanism of counting the real reputation of influencers and sharing revenues.

The hottest investment asset class of the year, NFT, is supposed to be at the center of discussions of global leaders, gathering at the World Economic Forum. By experts, in 4 -8 years, all consumer brands are supposed to migrate to Metaverse, and NFT is the backbone of Metaverse economy!
Micro-influencers could be the main governance mechanism in the Web3 economy since they have more trust than any other group! 

According to Social Bakers, micro-influencers “boast up to a 60% increased engagement rate compared to macro-influencers.”


Metabook is creating the first blockchain mechanism of counting the real reputation of influencers and sharing revenues from digital innovations mass adoption on Metabook – HealthTrust platform.


Reputation management: Trade Union of influencers.

If you are reading this article, and you are a Micro-influencer (5000+ followers), you’re invited to unite in the first Trade Union of influencers, Metabook value exchange. 

A micro-influencer with 5 000 – 10 000 followers and a good reputation, is able to sell 4 – 20 NFTs/month. And, if validated by Metabook, to become a distributor of VR/ Healthtech innovations, to benefit from the biggest technologic shift in history.


Validated influencers will be invited to promote NFT collection “Top 200 health innovations” and drive voting on the Rating of COVID technologies. The NFT collection of TOP 200 health innovations is a truly historical work!

The Metabook – HealthTrust mission practically means that we create an international Health-Wealth blockchain platform for the decentralized distribution of innovative technologies in the health and Metaverse area.

International health data exchange is crucial for pandemic prevention, and NFT is instrumental in this connection as a legal P2P way of instant and secure data exchange. is the backbone platform in this connection, and we have Aimedis in our organization!

Miami is the key market in terms of the Metaverse-related positioning, and Metabook is deeply rooted in Miami entrepreneur and startup ecosystems, with in Consortium. Miami University is the place where the Lifetime Award for innovators (LTA) will take place.


97 600 Influencers invited to drive voting for Lifetime Award and share revenues.

There is a truly historic launch of tech innovations event:

Lifetime Award for innovators, in the form of NFT sharing revenue with top 100 innovators in healthcare.

The Metabook – HealthTrust is uniting Telewellness, LifetimeAward, XRDoctor, Inmarg, XR Labs, Aimedis, and Visual Data Lab.

The mission of Metabook – HealthTrust Sharing Economy is Wellness democratization: to make VR and other innovative therapies available to hundreds of millions of people, upgrading their mental/physical health.

We are selecting the most reputable Metaverse-related companies to distribute their innovations.

As a result, a distribution and promo network of influencers with a high reputation will make this decentralized job globally!

The founders pledged to validate and share knowledge free of charge to those who qualify for sharing that: early adopters and students.


Blockchain breakthrough.

Metabook has built a unique NFT-integrated mechanism for TRACKING OF PARTNER’S CONTRIBUTION. This way, we make revenue-sharing system scaling as an industry standard. Our zksync cross-chain toolset for switching game assets and 0% fee on NFT creation are the most attractive on the market!

Marketing revenues-backed pools of NFTs, validated by both Gatekeeper Board and influencers. Validation implies the committed influencers’ accounts’ escrowing as a collateral. Thus, Metabook will have fiat liquidity for crediting NFT owners, and they will be able to buy products from our partners.


LTA for health innovators is the first reputational program by Metabook.

In the pandemic-driven situation that is linked with mental health, billions of people need cost-effective Health technologies!

The pandemic has opened a unique window for strategic imagination, settings to create new economic models. Rating of COVID solutions in the Lifetime Award program is the basis of this revenue-sharing model with influencers/ experts. 

We select 10 Gatekeepers. And other influencers, to share revenues from emissions of influencers-backed and LifetimeAward-linked NFTs, aimed at mass adoption of cost-effective innovations.

  • Candidate to the position of Chair, to be voted January 21, in last day of WEF:  Brett King
  • Bruce Jeong is Chief Officer of the pilot project with one of the leading Metaverse-related. Bruce is Secretary General of China-Korea Trading Association. His credentials:

– The DEPUTY CEO of The EULOGIAFoundation

– The global partner of the Switzerland Lawfirm in terms of the blockchain

-The Expert on the SMART CITY  

LTA page:

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