How Orbs in Enhancing On-Chain Derivatives with IntentX

The collaboration will leverage Orbs’ advanced Layer-3 technology and IntentX’s robust infrastructure to explore use cases of on-chain derivatives.

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  • Layer-3 blockchain project Orbs has collaborated with OTC marketplace IntentX.
  • The collaboration will explore the potential use cases for on-chain derivatives.  
  • Orbs has also formed a partnership with SYMMIO.

The parabolic growth of decentralized finance over the years has ignited an increasing interest in on-chain derivatives trading as more investors seek to explore the potential benefits associated with the ecosystem. However, as the industry matures, so do associated challenges, such as limitations in liquidity and trading complexities, underscoring the need for advanced solutions.


Chasing the answers, Proof-of-Stake Layer-3 public blockchain Orbs has formed a new partnership with over-the-counter (OTC) marketplace and trading terminal IntentX.

Orbs and IntentX Target On-Chain Derivatives Boost

Exploring and enhancing potential use cases for on-chain derivatives, the IntentX collaboration will leverage Orbs’ advanced Layer-3 technology to boost IntentX’s infrastructure as a leading trading terminal with over 180 tradable markets.

Orbs hopes to enhance the accessibility and efficiency of its on-chain derivatives market by integrating its Liquidity hub into IntentX, leveraging the existing tens of millions of dollars in trading volume.

The deal will incorporate Orbs’ Request for Quote (RFQ) protocol, which is expected to simplify trading complexities by enabling user quote-based spot trading. The integration will provide traders access to IntentX’s services on Base and Arbitrum, providing a broader range of trading opportunities across various networks.


Orbs’ collaboration with IntentX aligns with efforts to boost derivatives solutions, building on the momentum of its partnership with a trading protocol. 

Orbs Taps SYMMIO

Orbs recently initiated a collaboration with SYMMIO, a protocol specializing in the bilateral “Symmetrical Trading” of derivatives. The cooperation seeks to explore on-chain derivatives use cases, including off-chain/on-chain communication oracles, and represents a joint effort to create a hedger bidding system.

Orbs’ VP of Business Development, Ran Hammer, emphasized the importance of collaboration with both protocols.

“As well as integrating our decentralized optimization layer Liquidity Hub into IntentX’s frontend for RFQ-based spot trading, we will enhance SYMMIO’s contracts using our L3 technology,”  he stated.

Orbs, IntentX, and SYMMIO will refine core contracts that facilitate agreements between traders and solvers and ensure smooth transaction settlements for on-chain derivatives. 

On the Flipside

  • On February 13, Orbs unveiled Orbs V4, an advanced network protocol to increase its Layer-3 technology.
  • Cross-chain DEX Squid is integrated into Orbs, allowing users to access applications and swap assets across chains. 

Why This Matters

The collaboration between Orbs, IntentX, and SYMMIO will address challenges associated with on-chain derivatives, paving the way for a more accessible and efficient market to enhance the adoption of the DeFi ecosystem. 

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