How BudBlockz NFT Plans to Become the Next Amazon for Crypto Cannabis

Non-fungible tokens (NFT) are one-of-a-kind art on the blockchain.

Non-fungible tokens (NFT) are one-of-a-kind art on the blockchain. But unlike art, NFTs cannot be copied because of their unique identification codes. They are known as cryptographic assets because they are created using the same technology as cryptocurrency. 
However, NFTs cannot be exchanged or traded like crypto coins and tokens. 

BudBlockz aims to launch a different type of NFT—one that is more functional and beneficial. 

What Is BudBlockz NFT?

New cryptocurrencies are launched almost daily. BudBlockz is among the newer ones and is already causing a stir. Many blockchain enthusiasts are looking forward to investing in it because of its aim of advancing the cannabis industry. It’s crypto with real-life significance. 


Still, in its pre-sale stage, BudBlockz has already sold over 50 million $BLUNT, BudBlockz’s native token. Some 134 million tokens are available at this stage.

BudBlockz NFTs will officially launch during the eighth phase of the crypto roadmap, which is the final step for the official launch of the crypto. The Ganja Gurus NFT Collection will be available on all marketplaces as traditional collectables. 

On the BudBlockz platform, NFTs will have intrinsic value allowing owners to gain fractional ownership of cannabis farms, dispensaries, and products sold on the online store. 


More importantly, Ganja Gurus NFT owners will have a voice in the governance of the BudBlockz ecosystem and influence the platform’s future direction. This will be important as it moves into new jurisdictions where marijuana has recently been decriminalized. 

How BudBlockz NFT Aims To Be the Next Amazon

Amazon is the biggest e-commerce platform in the world and delivers everything to the public. BudBlockz aims to be just that for cannabis enthusiasts. 

The aim is to make cannabis accessible safely and securely to people in weed-friendly regions. 

Consumers prefer shopping on Amazon because of its wide selection—almost everything they need is on the e-commerce site. But because cannabis is not yet mainstream—or even legal in many territories—product availability is minimal. BudBlockz aims to revolutionize the cannabis industry with more products available to a broader market. 

BudBlockz aims to be the Amazon equivalent in terms of availability, too. The company will partner with legally recognized dispensaries where $BLUNT is accepted. 

There are 420 million $BLUNT tokens available for ownership. 

As for the NFT component, some 10,000 Ganja Guruz NFTs will be minted in the final stage of the crypto’s launch. Owners will enjoy various benefits, such as membership in all BudBlockz dispensaries around the world and discounts on cannabis and cannabis-related products in BudBlockz online stores. 

The collectables are also top-notch assets inspired by the video games of the 1990s. 

BudBlockz Longevity

BudBlockz aspires for longevity, similar to that achieved by Amazon. 

The cannabis-centred crypto offers something important to a specific group of people in an industry currently worth $17 billion. The cannabis market is also expected to balloon to $176 billion by 2030, a growth that BudBlockz aims to keep up with. 

BudBlockz will also entice cannabis enthusiasts to dip their toes in the crypto world. 

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