FTC Announces to Integrate the ReserveBlock RBX Network

FTC (FTCNY.com), the nationally renowned and award-winning Inspection and Engineering business for nearly 30 years, has announced the beginning of the integration and use of the ReserveBlock RBX Network (reserveblock.io) protocol.

FTC (FTCNY.com), the nationally renowned and award-winning Inspection and Engineering business for nearly 30 years, has announced the beginning of the integration and use of the ReserveBlock RBX Network (reserveblock.io) protocol to tokenize the firm’s paperwork, lab tests, and files on-chain to assure authenticity for FTC’s clients and respective building departments. Clients and construction departments of FTC will now be able to obtain relevant files directly from FTC and transparently check all work products and filings made by FTC without using a third party, all directly on the RBX chain. Although already a member of the Validator network, the FTC will additionally host its own Beacon on the RBX network to keep data solely for its intended receivers.

“This is a big step forward for the FTC and our clients. With the use of the RBX Network and blockchain technology, we are now able to send our work products and documents directly to our clients without the use of a mediator. “This is fixing a genuine issue of doubting the legitimacy of inspection reports, building department filings, and other documentations previously requiring a certified expert to sign and seal,”

said Michael Marchese, vice president of the FTC.

After successfully integrating the RBX Network, FTC will make it possible for clients to confirm documents, test results, and inspection findings through its current client portal. This will give all work products an authentic and verified signature, eliminating any uncertainty regarding their authorship.


We have enjoyed working with the network naturally so far, and we believe that using the RBX on-chain tools will enable us to advance our company without having to bring in-house blockchain engineers. As this technology develops further, we also want to include a few more features that will aid in developing solutions for our clients. Noted Marchese.

About FTC

FTCNY.com is owned and operated by professional engineers with over 50 years of experience and expertise with a fully accredited technical team of professional engineers, field engineers, certified technicians, and project managers. FTC’s gold standard services deliver a wide range of engineering, special inspection, and testing services in accordance with project plans and specifications adhering to local and national code standards. Additionally, FTC is a fully licensed accredited laboratory that performs in-house testing on all construction materials.  Current and past client projects include the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Stony Brook Medical and Research Facility, Memorial Sloan Kettering, Hospital for Special Surgery, Lowes Regency Hotel, JFK TWA Flight Center Hotel, Sotheby’s, One Bryant Park, Museum of Modern Art, Lincoln Center, Yankee Stadium, Louis Vuitton, Channel, and Apple among others.

About ReserveBlock RBX

ReserveBlock.IO is an open-source p2p layer 1 blockchain built in C# that is fully autonomous, decentralized, and governed by validators through on-chain voting. RBX was developed with a finite purpose, to democratize mining without the burdens and frictions of Proof of Work (PoW) or Proof of Stake (PoS), but rather a liquid Proof of Assurance (PoA) consensus while earning randomized block rewards in a carbon neutral environment such as a laptop machine with at-will participation. The network is gasless with no lockups or holding periods and gives zero weight to a user’s balance. The RBX network is also a complete self-management ecosystem that provides any user with on-chain tools and features to tokenize any digital or physical asset with native minting through self-executing NFT smart contracts (SENs). RBX SENs can be deployed natively with peer-to-peer transferring of the underlying media and files associated with any NFT and through a non-custodial core-wallet without any third-party application.

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