DecentWorld To Introduce Collections – Next Step to Digital Real Estate Ownership

DecentWorld metaverse platform has joined the web3 movement by launching an unprecedented metaverse platform.

As the world steps towards new digital mediums, the DecentWorld metaverse platform has joined the web3 movement by launching an unprecedented metaverse platform. By tuning into new digital realms, users can find a digitized version of almost every single street in the world on DecentWorld, and – to acquire and hold full, certified ownership of the digital real estate. 
Following its successful launch, the DecentWorld creative team will soon introduce a new feature –  the long-anticipated Collections. Through artistically crafted user journeys, DecentWorld metaverse users will not only be able to playfully combine their digital real estate Assets, but also earn yield.


Map of Digital Real Estate NFTs

During the first phase of the project, users are invited to register on the metaverse platform and explore the project’s main feature, its map with a digital version of almost every street in the world. According to the project team, the world is still being minted and there’s around one fifth of it left to be fully put on blockchain.


Virtual Streets on the DecentWorld metaverse are classified at different levels depending on the status of their real-world counterpart. The more prominent or prestigious a street is in the physical world, the higher its ranking, and thus the more valuable it is in the metaverse.

Powered by blockchain, DecentWorld uses NFT technology and carefully designed certificates to prove the authenticity and ownership of acquired digital real estate. In the project’s first phase, users can obtain Streets, while landmarks and objects will be made available during later stages.


Play to Earn NFT Metaverse

In the much-anticipated next phase of the project, the DecentWorld creative team will introduce the Collections feature to their growing user base, in order to push the development of the metaverse even further. Through this exciting feature, virtual property owners will be able to combine their Assets on the platform into artsy Collections to tell unique stories and create a solid portfolio in virtual real estate


A Collection on DecentWorld is a certain compilation of acquired digital Street Assets. Collections will be of various complexities, and will vary in their size. According to the project team, the best analogy would be to imagine a sticker album with dedicated space for certain stickers all related to one thing, or a Monopoly board with similarly priced streets labeled in one color. Another analogy would be antique china sets, where a full set is worth more than all of its pieces separately. 

Collections will serve as stand-alone NFTs on DecentWorld that would generate yield because any Collection, just like the China set, will be worth more because the DecentWorld team puts value in the user actions on the platform. By acquiring virtual real estate, users will also participate in the metaverse internal economy. They will also soon be able to trade these digital NFT Assets on DecentWorld’s P2P marketplace with other users from around the globe. 

DecentWorld is eager to keep offering users more attractive features to keep its audience entertained. The project map is packed with new and upcoming releases scheduled for this year: Unique Collections, a P2P Marketplace, DeecentWorld Mobile app, first 3D cities, and more.

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