Crypto Gems: No More Missing out with Uniglo (GLO), Ethereum Name Service (ENS), FTX (FTT), and Flow (FLOW)

Regardless of whether the cryptocurrency market is in a bearish or bullish market, things always seem to be shifting.

Regardless of whether the cryptocurrency market is in a bearish or bullish market, things always seem to be shifting. New players enter the market each month, as old players seem to disappear into the void. With parts constantly moving, it can be easy to miss out on developments and trends. To keep you updated, we put together in this article the four most recently listed crypto gems that you should look out for – Uniglo (GLO), Ethereum Name Service (ENS), FTX (FTT), and Flow (FLOW)

Uniglo (GLO)

The first one on our list of upcoming crypto gems is Uniglo, a new social currency that is community-based and built with an asset-backed foundation. The Uniglo project is focused on creating long-term wealth accumulation through the combined gains generated from the profits of a community asset vault and from the hyper-deflationary mechanism that will reduce the supply of GLO tokens in the market as the profits from the said asset increase. And as the Uniglo project is a decentralized autonomous organization, GLO token holders have a say in which assets to include in the vault (to drive demand for the entire platform) and which assets to sell (to generate profits used for buying back GLO tokens from the secondary market).

Ethereum Name Service (ENS)

Based on Ethereum, Ethereum Name Service (ENS) is an open, distributed, and extensible naming system with a very specific function – it maps and links human-readable names to crypto addresses, content hashes, and other metadata. It has three levels of integration that offer an escalation of benefits to application developers and users. The first level is for resolving and understanding ENS names. The second level is for displaying ENS names each time an app displays a crypto address (in a process called “reverse resolution”). And the third level is for allowing developers to link ENS names with application-made resources.


FTX is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange that introduces new products consistently. This exchange is becoming very popular, growing its community of registered users to over a million while handling a daily trading volume that goes into the billions. The exchange platform’s utility token, FTT, experienced major growth in 2021. FTT has a wide range of uses such as for staking, payment for trading fees, and serving as collateral against futures positions. When FTT is staked, a holder earns interests and potentially non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Flow (FLOW)

Lastly, we have Flow, which is a decentralized network built and supported by an ever-expanding community of brands in the Web 3.0 industry. With a key focus on brand building and management, Flow is all about creating exceptional customer experiences that build toward each brand’s marketing and product performance goals. This project is created by the same people who developed and popularized CryptoKitties and, as such, it is built with the intention of entertaining the market. Its business model proves to be lucrative, as Flow has a $725 ecosystem fund.

Final thought

The above four are our top picks for crypto gems that you should not miss out on. Uniglo particularly has strong earning potential since it is still in the second phase of its presale.

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