APENFT & TRON Announce Winners of Art Dream Fund’s Inaugural Open Call

APENFT Foundation and TRON are pleased to announce the Art Dream Fund’s inaugural open call winners. Digital artists applied for a series of awards totaling $100,000 by creating digital artworks that explored their “Second Life” in a digital parallel universe. “Second Life” received a variety of 2D and 3D, static and dynamic artworks from more than 500 talented artists and digital enthusiasts from around the world. A panel of judges selected thirteen winners who will work with APENFT’s partner, LiveArt, to develop and mint their digital artworks. The works will be featured in a January 2022 exhibition co-curated by Sydney Xiong, Art Director of APENFT Foundation, Marisa Kayyem, Chief Curator of LiveArt, and virtually in APENFT Art Museum in Cryptovoxels, with the works available for purchase on the LiveArt platform.

"A good artwork has two essential components,"

said Sydney Xiong, Art Director of APENFT Foundation.

"First, a universal message – the work must have a clear and common language so that the audience understands what you are trying to say. Good artworks can be understood across cultures. Second, artists' personal coding – in other words, their symbols and styles. Entries that meet these two criteria are considered desirable by me."

Marisa Kayyem, Chief Curator of LiveArt, said, “LiveArt and APENFT share a common vision of bridging the traditional and digital art worlds, so they are an ideal partner in this journey. “Second Life” supports the growth of crypto native NFT artists, and LiveArt is thrilled to not only share our experience and technology but also expose their work to the traditional art market through our marketplace.

APENFT Foundation is honored to share with you the following 13 winners:

Grand Prize Award (x1)

WMD Studio, Infinite Falling(2021) Digital animation, Courtesy of the artist.

Best Creativity Awards (x4)

Verdi Jackson, Disoriented Struggle Nirvana & Fantasy(2021). Copperplate etching, Courtesy of the artist.

Kong, Duty of scalpels (2021). Digital illustration. Courtesy of the artist.

Allyn Belfred,Home Base(2021)Blender. Courtesy of the artist.

Chengcheng Shi,New Language(2021)new media art,Courtesy of the artist.


Category Awards (x8)

HUIHUAN, Crossing the Multiverse•Prediction (2021), Program,Courtesy the artist.

Lil E,Revelation 2077(2021)Blender  C4D  Procreate  Nomad,Courtesy the artist.

Pandalifa, Meta Human – 01 Projection(2021) Digital illustration,Courtesy the artist.

Jansword Zhu, Transenlight(2021)Short Animation, Courtesy the artist.


ZhangHui&ZhaoXuetong,Palace#1(2021)Unity, Courtesy of the artist.

RocketHand Studio, Massive memory(2021) Loop dynamic image/3D generative art,Courtesy of the artist.

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