5 Cryptocurrencies for College Students

The cryptocurrency market is fluctuant like no other, with rapid growth in both prices and trade volume.

The cryptocurrency market is fluctuant like no other, with rapid growth in both prices and trade volume. The diversity of people who invest in a crypto is another specificity that separates it from other commodities, young or old, billionaires and people with a low budget are equally interested in cryptocurrencies. College students are no exception in this matter, especially because there are so many options that are suitable for their profile. The cryptocurrency market is growing by the day and new affordable assets with great prospects for the future are not lacking.
We did some market research and came up with a list of cryptocurrencies that college students can invest in and make a decent profit. Here are our top pics, selected according to the most recent market trends.


Thanks to the use of proof-of-stake validation, Cardano (ADA) soon grew in popularity among investors. This brought a quick jump in price which went down a little last year but now keeps a steady course. Fast and less energy-consuming, ADA is perfect for smart contracts and DeFi development. Many assignment writing services allow crypto payments, so having a stable crypto investment allows a secure stash for private payments, when you want to keep your expenses discrete. Nowadays, when energy costs are increasing, reducing energy costs is going to become a priority. Cardano is practical and saves resources so it’s safe to assume it’s on a rising path.


This cryptocurrency is the product of software industry giant Ripple, a popular blockchain payment platform. However, Ripple also allows fiat currency payments, since it’s cooperating with several large banking entities, so one could own crypto and still pay for services on Essay Geek or any other platform where you need to make a fiat payment. This all benefits XRP because, with such a financial titan at its back, XRP is in safe hands. It’s always good to invest in commodities with a strong portfolio because it adds extra security points.


With such a low-risk factor, XRP is a perfect opportunity for investors with a limited budget and those who want to make the safest bet.


After a terrifying drop at the beginning of 2022, Ethereum (ETH) started to regain its value on the market at a rapid pace. With Ethereum 2.0 transitioning to proof-of-stake validation, the price of this cryptocurrency is yet to see its peak. I could write my dissertation on the influence of this new feature on the financial segment of ETH considering the advantages for developers and users alike. With the current market situation, investing in Ethereum is a smart move for any college student who needs long-term investment.


The year ahead of us will be all about energy and time preservation so we can expect a notable rise in the value of cryptos with proof-of-stake validation. However, with Ethereum 2.0 things could go sideways if the transition doesn’t deliver promised improvements.


Those who have heard of TAMA, know that Musk’s Dodge coin is losing a lot of investors on account of this recent addition to the crypto world. One of the most practical crypto commodities on the market combines the following elements:

  • NFT
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Gaming Platform 

TAMA or Tamadoge features its metaverse and, being a P2E platform allows users to earn rewards through play. Therefore, with both crypto enthusiasts and those interested simply in the gaming aspect of the platform chasing TAMA tokens for their needs, it’s easy to see the prospect of the increased value of this crypto asset. To college students, this is like finding an essay writer website and a math help service in one place.


The oldest and the most valuable cryptocurrency in the world is always a good chance for investors. Just like the best thesis services retain their users and expand their pool, Bitcoin constantly attracts new investors and keeps the old ones interested and engaged. BTC is not only the most valuable it’s also widely used and provides a wide array of trade options. One could exchange Bitcoin for other cryptos, fiat currency, or even gold seamlessly on numerous platforms. The locomotive of blockchain technology faced all challenges and stands firm at the very top of the food chain. Although it’s famous for its sudden drops in value, Bitcoin has equally dramatic climbs which makes it a good short-term investment.


Cryptocurrency investments are like any other in terms of existing risk factors that might cause loss of funds. However, the abundance of different assets provides the opportunity to cherry-pick those with low-risk margins. In our research, we profoundly analyzed the market situation and paid attention to what the investors said so we could come up with reliable candidates. We also considered the needs and limitations of the average student to make the list more relevant.

Keep in mind that every investment, no matter how secure it might seem, holds a risk so never invest more than you can afford to lose. 

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