3 Cryptocurrencies To Put Up On Your Watchlist

Ever since the crypto industry started evolving, new and novel crypto projects have been launched to revolutionize this arena of decentralization supported by blockchain technology. But no market remains stagnant or green forever. Be it stocks, forex, or the crypto market itself.

Ever since the crypto industry started evolving, new and novel crypto projects have been launched to revolutionize this arena of decentralization supported by blockchain technology. But no market remains stagnant or green forever. Be it stocks, forex, or the crypto market itself.
The recent crypto market crash has hit the toes of almost every crypto investor, be it a retailer, an institution, or an investment firm. Just as of now, giant whales like Tesla Inc. and Micro Strategy holding thousands and thousands of Bitcoins (BTC) have been found in a loss of millions. In fact, the Micro Strategy, holding more than 1 lac 29 thousand Bitcoins (BTC), is at an unrealized loss of $1 Billion after this crypto market crash of 2022. Even the top-performing cryptocurrencies like Ethereum (ETH), eCash (XEC), Solana (SOL), Nexo (NEXO), TRON (TRX), etc, are seeing their all-time lows.

The factors contributing to it include the global recession, Russia-Ukraine War, the high US inflation rate, and many more. Unless the world comes out of this crisis caused by the global pandemic, all the markets, including cryptocurrency, will see this bearish trend.


In this bearish market, smart investors are going all-in to secure massive gains from cheap coins (in this market) once the market again shows a green run.

In such a market, a novel crypto project, Logarithmic Finance (LOG), is all set to launch and provide its early investors with a great opportunity to secure their seats for the green market in the coming future. Let’s look deeper into the highlighted cryptocurrencies to see what’s unique about each.

About eCash (XEC) and its low price

Developed by Amaury Sechet, who was the lead developer of Bitcoin Cash (BCH), eCash (XEC) is the rebranded identity of its predecessor, Bitcoin Cash ABC (BCHA). The coin has a price in multi-decimals on the idea of its developer to keep the coin’s adoption more effective.

This helps both the investors and the currency itself. Investors can purchase piles and piles of tokens for a few bucks and forget bothering about the little amount of investment they made in that coin to hold for the long term.


On the other hand, the currency gets an ample opportunity to attract more investors, and its adoption is enhanced significantly. These coins usually show a great price appreciation even in a little greener market.

What is Nexo (NEXO)?

Nexo (NEXO) is a popular platform in the arena of decentralized finance (DeFi), contrary to traditional finance (TradFi). Its developing team also consists of crypto enthusiasts and professionals in the field of finance who tried their best to bring out a coin that ranks among the top 100 cryptocurrencies on CoinMarketCap despite its low price (but a good market cap that matters). Cryptocurrencies like these usually play well in the market with the sole purpose of generating wealth.

What makes Logarithmic Finance (LOG) roar among these giants?

Logarithmic Finance (LOG) is a next-generation Layer-3 swapping protocol that aims to allow seamless connectivity between early-stage blockchain innovators and investors, unleashing the power of DeFi and blockchain technology.

The protocol provides both parties with Pools to participate in their respective process. These pools include:

Pool Types:

  • Direct Access Pools (DAP)
  • Time Freeze Pools (TFP)

Pool Statuses:

  • Available
  • Open
  • Unbuyable
  • Completed, and
  • Dissolved

The Robust Ecosystem of LOG

Its ecosystem uses fully homomorphic encryption (FHE) to provide robust security to the swapping mechanism available to the end-users. The team aims to evolve the LOG as a fully-decentralized L-3 swapping protocol. For this purpose, they have incorporated interoperability between heterogeneous blockchain and inter-chain communications. Thus, establishing on-chain and multi-chain integrations for their users.


As an endnote, only those cryptocurrencies can perform well in the long term, which would survive this severe crypto market crash. Looking at Logarithmic Finance (LOG), it’s evident that the project will launch at its lowest. But it will be able to go miles with its thrilling future goals (if successfully achieved), including NFT Swap, reduced gas fees, deflationary (burning) mechanism, gaps’ bridging between the innovators and early birds, etc. The protocol’s ecosystem will function as a DAO, allowing its users to have full rights to participate in the decision-making and validation processes. Thus, it’s a great chance to find this bearish market an opportunity to early-invest in this token before it explodes like eCash (XEC) and Nexo (NEXO) did in their times.

For more information on Logarithmic Finance check out their Website or Telegram. You can find more about the presale here.

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