New blockchain monitor to help protect virus-free during pandemic

The spread of coronavirus caused a global pandemic with numbers of countries locking in quarantine. As the numbers of new cases related to COVID-19 still grow, some companies are taking action to fight the outbreak.

The Public Health Blockchain Consortium (PHBC) has announced the release of a monitoring blockchain to track communities and workplaces that are free from coronavirus.

The Netherland-based PHBC said in their press release, that the system is designed to help everyone to stay free of potentially life-threatening diseases, not only of COVID-19 but also of other high-risk viruses, bacteria or fungi.

Ayon Hazra, the administrator for the PHBC, said that contrary to other surveillance systems, that track infected persons, this program focuses on non-infected individuals, to protect them from entering the contaminated areas or returning them if they already passed such territories. He also said:

PHBC's virus-free monitoring blockchain can automatically identify zones with and without validated incident reports by integrating real-time information from virus surveillance providers with artificial intelligence (AI) and geographical information systems (GIS).

According to him, the areas without validated reports of contamination will get a safe zone status. Such status will be granted to communities and workspaces if they restrict access to anonymously identified persons and only allow movement to and from other safe zones.

The PHBC virus-free blockchain will store a protection certificate from security organizations or governmental institutions to assure that all persons who entered a safe zone will be continuously monitored. Persons, who previously entered infected zones will be required to remain in quarantine.

The official statement says, that communities will also be able to provide isolated places of residence to anonymously monitored visitors. If hey won’t develop any symptoms, they will be able to join the general community after the individual quarantine period.

The Public Health Blockchain Consortium (PHBC) unites health authorities, scientific institutions, health care providers and innovators who strive to analyze anonymous health data in order to stop the spread of diseases. The PHBC monitoring blockchain was first introduced to public health officials this February.

Numbers of cases related to coronavirus have grown rapidly within the last few weeks, with Europe becoming the epicentre of a global pandemic. Meanwhile, China has reported, that no new local cases were registered for the first time since the outbreak in January.

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