The Best Move-to-Earn Projects to Try in 2024

How would you like to get paid for basic fitness challenges like walking?

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How would you like to get paid for basic fitness challenges like walking?

Move-to-earn projects offer financial rewards for physical activity. After the success of Genopets and Dotmoovs, we’re seeing a surge in these kinds of earn crypto game apps. 


In this article, we’ll list seven of the best move-to-earn games in 2024. Then, we’ll discuss their unique features and list their pros and cons. So grab your workout gear and get ready.

We’ve chosen the platforms that fulfill one or all of the following criteria: a low barrier to entry, early in their development phase, and available to different types of users (for example, support different types of workouts or work on multiple operating systems (such as Android, browser, and iOS)). 

The Niche Is Still in Its Infancy, With the Potential for Incredible Growth

We know that fitness trackers can be addictive because they provide the perfect dose of motivation by showing the number of steps or calories and placing you on virtual leaderboards or setting personal milestones. 

Move-to-earn apps offer a better incentive to move: financial reward. Hence, these projects can replace fitness trackers or merge with them. 


That presents an opportunity for giants in the health and fitness niche, such as Nike and Adidas, to gamify fitness, link their apps with crypto tokens, and increase their value. 

There are opportunities for virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) experts to do their magic to set their projects apart.

Open to Everyone

Move-to-earn games generally don’t have a learning curve. Hence, they are welcoming to a large audience. More participants mean more demand for the tokens and increased value.

Move-to-earn apps are the perfect blend of the physical and digital worlds. These innovative ways promote a healthier lifestyle and physical activity, attracting health-conscious demographics. 

In addition to financial rewards, these projects also offer health and community benefits. 

The Best Move-to-Earn Platforms With a Low Barrier to Entry

You’re probably eager to get started. So here are the best platforms to help you get in shape and earn cryptocurrency simultaneously.

Some of them are simple exercises, while others are complete workouts. Check them all out and see which ones work for you.

1. Sweatcoin (SWEAT)

Sweatcoin website homepage.
Source: Sweatcoin

You can earn one Sweatcoin (SWEAT) for every 1,000 steps, then exchange the token on the platform’s marketplace and get high-tech shoes, iPhones, anti-gravity yoga classes, and more. 

However, the reward will decrease as the move to earn game ages to retain the token’s value.


  • You have to walk to earn coins. Anyone can do that. Hence, it has a low barrier to entry. 
  • The project will keep burning SWEAT, thus ensuring its value remains high. 
  • You can explore several investment features in the new Sweat Wallet app and stake your tokens there.
  • Your SWEAT coin is good for purchasing NFTs and donating to chosen causes.  
  • Available for Android and iOS. 


  • The monetary value of the rewards is relatively insignificant as of now, 1 SWEAT=$ 0.0091803.

2. Step App (FITFI)

Step App website homepage.
Source: Step App

Another top move-to-earn project for 2024 is Step App. Olympic champion Usain Bolt is an ambassador for the app, which speaks to the popularity and public confidence in the app. The app’s development team is highly experienced in blockchain and web3. 

FITFI is the governance token. KCAL is the ecosystem token you can earn if you complete fitness challenges or personal milestones, then use to mint new sneakers (SNEAK), which are move-to-earn NFTs. 


  • Available on Android and iOS. There’s also a web version. 
  • The app has a feature to make running or walking a group activity to earn tokens with friends. 
  • The app has social and competitive experiences to keep the users engaged and excited to exercise. 


  • You must buy a sneaker NFT to earn crypto after the 7-day trial period.
  • The token isn’t listed on major centralized exchanges. 

3. Ezzy (EZY)

Ezzy website homepage.
Source: Ezzy

Ezzy is an up-and-coming move-to-earn app in 2024. You can install the app and earn tokens by setting up your account quickly and getting in-app sneakers. 

Different workouts are compatible with the Ezzy app. You can exercise outdoors or indoors to earn EZY tokens. 

Additionally, you can play games in the app without physically moving in the real world and make money through that. 

There are specific minimum requirements to earn rewards, such as moving for at least 10 minutes daily at 2–20 km/hour.  


  • Available on Google Play, iOS App Store, and Huawei AppGallery. 
  • Easy to use interface. There are no complex GameFi components, such as sneaker repairs or extra avatar attributes. You also don’t need advanced strategies to win prizes.
  • You can use a particular pair of sneakers for a specific limit (called durability parameters). That prevents an oversupply of EZY tokens and ensures its value. 


  • Minting or buying sneakers with EZY can cost money. However, you get trial sneakers for free for a limited period and can earn money with them. 

The Best Move to Earn Apps Early in Their Roadmap

Not all apps are equally far ahead in the game, but that doesn’t mean you should dismiss them. Here are some apps you should keep tabs on to prepare when they roll out.

Check them out, consider joining their waitlist, and get ready to rumble with them when they launch.

4. Fight Out (FGHT)

Fight Out website homepage.
Source: Fight Out

Fight Out is a Web3 move-to-earn app that completed its presale in early 2023 and raised $6.2m. Some of the top MMA fighters and fitness influencers are ambassadors of this app, which has contributed to its popularity. 

$FGHT is the project’s native token, which you can buy from their website or earn in the game.  

Your avatar is linked to your real-world fitness. REPS is the in-app currency that you can earn through real-life training. You can then use it for in-game purchases to upgrade your avatar. 

The stronger your avatar is, the more fights you can win in the game and the more rewards you can get. You earn $FGHT by in-app competing and fighting. 


  • You can exchange $FGHT for FIAT on many centralized crypto exchanges.  
  • Interactive app that links your real-life fitness to your in-app avatar’s fitness. 
  • You can socialize with other avatars in the Fight Out metaverse


  • You must mint your NFT avatar when opening an account. 
  • Your avatar can’t be sold or transferred.
  • You may have to pay entry fees with $FGHT for competing in certain in-game tournaments.  

5. MetaGym (MGCN)

MetaGym website homepage.
Source: MetaGym

MetaGym is a move-to-earn game, which converts your heart rate to money, even when you sleep. You must create or mint an avatar (MetaGym Buddies) and then connect your heart rate monitor to the app. 

This project is built on the Polygon blockchain and has a Polygon-based cryptocurrency. MetaGym Coin ($MGCN) is the governance token, and the heart rate token ($HRT) is the in-game utility token. 

To earn heart rate tokens, you must log health behaviors and complete weekly and monthly challenges. 

The app is similar to a traditional fitness tracker. You can view your heart rate stats and the earnings generated from them, then share the progress on social media. 


  • Super easy to get started. You can link your heart rate monitor to the app via Bluetooth. 
  • A wide range of exercise types and modalities to choose from. 
  • Can exchange for USDC.
  • The app has a smartwatch integration.  


  • Creating an avatar is costly; your wallet needs Polygon (MATIC). 
  • You can swap $MGCN on only a few platforms, including Pancake Swap and Any Swap

6. Dotmoovs (MOOV)

Source: dotmoovs

Dotmoovs is the perfect Move-to-Earn fitness app for people who prefer avoiding crowded gyms and working out at home. The comprehensive platform comprises dozens of detailed workouts and comprehensive nutrition plans.

Beyond that, Dotmoovs proposes a creative way of earning crypto rewards. Users can upload short videos of themselves demonstrating physical skills, like dancing or playing football. Then Dotmoov’s AI algorithm evaluates their performance and rewards them with MOOV tokens, merchandise, or gift cards.


  • Encourages a diverse range of activities
  • Includes nutrition plans


  • AI algorithm may not be the best judge of skill

7. STEPN (GMT and GST)

Source: STEPN

The original Move-to-Earn blockchain game that took the world by storm, STEPN, kicked off the M2E phenomenon. Built on the Solana (SOL) blockchain, STEPN allowed people to earn hundreds of dollars daily by walking around their neighborhood.

At the heart of the Web3 game, users needed to hold special STEPN NFT sneakers. Different sneakers boasted different attributes and earning potential, with rewards paid out in the platform’s native tokens, like the Green Satoshi Token (GST).

Unfortunately for STEPN, the hype couldn’t last. The NFT game’s native digital assets plummeted as user activity dropped, reducing earnings. Despite this, STEPN has retained some loyal users who enjoy the fitness app’s simplicity and rewards, regardless of their value.


  • The largest and most widely used Move-to-Earn app
  • Loyal userbase


  • Hyper-inflationary rewards system

On the Flipside

  • Move-to-earn crypto coins have a relatively low market cap compared to the more significant coins such as BTC, ETH, and XRP. Hence, they are susceptible to pump-and-dump schemes. 
  • Many move-to-earn projects and their coins underperformed in 2022 despite launching with a bang. So we recommend you err on the side of caution when earning, storing, or predicting their value in 2024. 

Why You Should Care

Rewarding users and providing extra motivation to stay healthy is awesome. But as mentioned, the niche is still new and has huge growth potential. It’s easy to learn, and everyone can participate. 


How can I earn free crypto in 2024? 

Play-to-earn and move-to-earn games are two of the best ways to earn practically free crypto in 2024. However, some of these projects may require an initial investment. For example, creating an avatar in the MetaGym game will cost you. 

What is the difference between play-to-earn (P2E) and move-to-earn (M2E) games?

The only significant difference is that play-to-earn games reward users for participating in the metaverse digital gameplay. In contrast, move-to-earn games reward players for physical activities in the real world. 

Which move to earn crypto will explode in 2024? 

Metaverse projects and their tokens are subject to volatility, so we can’t confidently say which crypto will do well in 2024. However, MetaGym and Step App are two promising projects. 

This article is for information purposes only and should not be considered trading or investment advice. Nothing herein shall be construed as financial, legal, or tax advice. Trading forex, cryptocurrencies, and CFDs pose a considerable risk of loss.

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