Indie Music Label Monstercat’s Tracks Pulled from Blankos Block Party

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Mythical Games, the parent company of Blankos Block Party, has announced that it will not be continuing its partnership with Monstercat. The game developer added that all Monstercat music will be removed from the game by November 17th. 

Mythical Games partnered with Monstercat in January this year to release tracks from upcoming artists, such as Vindata, Pixel Terror, Habstract, and more, for players to listen to and use in game. However, following this announcement, players and builders will no longer have access to the pieces, and all existing block parties utilizing them them will be replaced with default tracks.

Party Over?

Blankos Block Party, often shortened to “Blankos” is an open-world, multiplayer game developed by Mythical Games. The game centers around vibrant raves, parties, and competitions where players can hang out, create custom art and designs, build levels, and more. 

Blankos emphasizes social integration through art, creativity, and music. It is obvious, then, that music plays an integral role in the game, which is why Blankos originally onboarded Monstercat. 

Monstercat is a leading electronic record label that is home to some of the best electronic musical artists in the world, including Marshmello, Pegboard Nerds, and Vicetone, to name a few, and has a deep history of curating some of the best electronic music artists to date. 

Blankos’ deal with Monstercat was a major milestone for both the game and the record label. The collaboration granted upcoming artists exposure through the game, and subsequently allowed players to jam out to high-octane tracks at their parties. 

However, the blossoming partnership is set to come to an end, with Monstercat pulling out all 14 of its in-game tracks, and the record label’s music will be replaced with Blankos’ default track “Kraken Rave” where applicable. Following the full withdrawal of Monstercat’s intellectual property, users will be able to unpublish their parties in order to reset their tracks to one of the game’s original nine songs. 

On the Flipside

  • It is not yet clear why the collaboration has come to an end, considering the benefits of the partnership for both parties. 
  • Blankos shared that they’re confident of rekindling the collaboration in the future. 

Why You Should Care

Blankos Block Party is a leading Web 3.0 game that is onboarding the next wave of gamers. Since the collaboration with a large, independent record label like Monstercat represented a notable achievement for the game, it is unclear where the developers will look to take the game from here; considering its recent mainstream collaborations, we can expect to see something soon from the party-centric game. 

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