MicroStrategy’s $700M Bitcoin Debt: How Does This IOU Work?

MicroStrategy raises $700 million through convertible notes to buy more Bitcoin and fund business initiatives.

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  • MicroStrategy has raised millions via convertible notes to buy Bitcoin.
  • Convertible notes have offered investors fixed interest and potential stock upside.
  • This approach has allowed MicroStrategy to raise capital without immediate stock dilution.

MicroStrategy, known for its focus on Bitcoin development and business intelligence software, announced a unique fundraising strategy on March 4, 2024. The company plans to raise $700 million, with an additional $100 million potential offering, by selling convertible senior notes.

MicroStrategy Hybrid Notes Offer Interest

These notes function as a hybrid between debt and equity. They offer investors a small annual interest rate of 0.625% until maturity in 2030. However, under specific circumstances, investors can choose to convert their notes into shares of MicroStrategy’s stock instead of receiving cash repayment. 

This feature provides the potential for higher returns if the company’s stock price increases significantly. The notes also offer investors some control. MicroStrategy can repurchase the notes under specific conditions, such as a substantial stock price increase. 


Additionally, investors can request repurchases at the original purchase price plus accrued interest in 2028 or upon major company events. This approach allows MicroStrategy to raise capital without immediately diluting its existing shares by issuing new stock. 

The company intends to utilize the raised funds for two primary purposes: acquiring more Bitcoin and addressing general corporate needs. It’s important to note that this offering is targeted solely at large institutional investors due to regulatory restrictions and won’t be available to the general public.

MicroStrategy Leverages Investor Funds

In simpler terms, MicroStrategy essentially borrows money from institutional investors through convertible notes. These notes function like IOUs, offering a small interest payment and the potential for conversion into company shares under certain conditions. 


The borrowed funds will fuel the company’s continued Bitcoin acquisition strategy and other business endeavors, aiming for long-term growth that benefits both MicroStrategy and its lending partners.

On the Flipside

  • Issuing convertible notes increases MicroStrategy’s overall debt, which could limit its financial flexibility and increase risk in the case of an economic downturn.
  • The potential upside for investors is tied to MicroStrategy’s stock price performance. Investors might not benefit from conversion if the stock price stagnates or falls.

Why This Matters

This unique fundraising strategy, coinciding with MicroStrategy’s well-known Bitcoin focus, raises questions about the company’s continued commitment to the cryptocurrency and its potential impact on the broader market’s perception of Bitcoin’s long-term viability.

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