MetaShooter Kickstarts Winter Event, Rolls Out New Patch

Open-World metaverse hunting game prepares for the holiday season.

  • Open-world metaverse hunting game MetaShooter has announced it’s commencing its winter event this Friday. 
  • The event includes new updates, improved visuals, bug fixes, experimental NFT mechanics, and more. 
  • MetaShooter is also celebrating Christmas early in this winter event with easter eggs, rewards, and gifts spread out in its hunting metaverse. 

Throughout the winter season, the hunting metaverse will be clad in snow and Christmas ornaments. New quests, missions, and rewards are set to bring players some festive cheer. The event is part of MetaShooter’s long history of remarkable community-driven events, welcoming the winter season and its upcoming mobile game due next month.

An Early Christmas Gift

MetaShooter is quickly rising in the Web3 gaming realm as a competitor to its traditional counterpart. The open-world hunting game has all the variables to compete with AAA games in both visuals and mechanics. This is despite being developed by a relatively small, but experienced, indie developer team. 


MetaShooter also recently announced it is launching its game for mobile in December this year. Further, the Unity game engine will host the upcoming mobile title after the developers migrated its PC experience to Unreal Engine 5

MetaShooter has made it clear through its decision that it wants the best for its players. It is additionally employing the latest standards in game development to provide a better experience. However, the open-world shooter stated that it would deliver different experiences with its mobile and PC games. 

In anticipation of its upcoming mobile game, MetaShooter is rolling out an exciting update to celebrate the winter season. The hunting metaverse has a decorated history of exciting events, previously celebrating the spooky season with gifts, quests, rewards, and more. 


Here’s what the newest update brings: 

  • The first version of MetaShooter with NFT Connection will roll out this Friday. Players can now equip their NFT firearms from their inventory by clicking the equipment tab. 
  • Players can test the NFT connection feature by equipping the free base weapon. Currently, the Pistol 17 NFT will serve as the base weapon. However, it will be later replaced and restricted to be made available for NFT owners only. 
  • Players can earn points for finding hidden Christmas gifts across the Open World. Presents will be spawned randomly and made extremely difficult to locate.
  • Previous Halloween event assignments will be switched to Christmas-themed operations, where players have to shoot gifts. Players can play this quest every hour throughout the winter season. 
  • Updates to backgrounds, buttons, and menus, in line with the winter season, along with other UX and UI improvements. 
  • Servers are improved with bug fixes and enhancements, including enhanced measures for player statistics counting metrics like animals killed today, total missions played, and more. 
  • Points for completing daily assignments are reduced to make hunting in the open world more rewarding. 
  • Tweaks to spawning systems for animals through changed randomness values. 
  • Improved bullet mechanics precision to fix invisible walls glitch. 

MetaShooter’s winter update looks to be an exciting addition to the hunting metaverse’s decorated history. The NFT update is a milestone update for the game and players. Users can finally equip their firearm NFTs and test them out.

On the Flipside

  • MetaShooter has yet to announce an exact date for its upcoming release. 
  • MetaShooter’s mobile game may also not support cross-play. 
  • Additionally, the developer has clarified that it aims to deliver different experiences to mobile and PC gamers with its games. It has yet to be determined if the winter event will be live on the mobile release. 
  • Furthermore, the mobile game may be limited to a training mission. Support for the open world has to be determined.

Why You Should Care

MetaShooter is adding to players’ excitement with events and updates. The game developer successfully delivers one of the best experiences in the Web3 gaming sphere with a regularly updated game and user-driven ecosystem. Updates, whether big or small, are essential for games because they show the developers are listening to users and aren’t ignoring the game. Contrastingly, many big games developed by titanic studios have been ignored and shelved by their developers. 

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