Is Tether Minting $1 Billion USDT a Sign of Upcoming Surge?

Bitcoin surges past $66,000 coinciding with positive inflation news and a rise in stablecoin holdings on crypto exchanges.

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  • Bitcoin’s price has surged past $66,000 coinciding with positive news on inflation.
  • Tether has minted billions of tokens, fueling speculation about its impact on Bitcoin’s price.
  • Stablecoin holdings on exchanges have surged, raising liquidity and potentially increasing market volatility.

The cryptocurrency market is showing signs of renewed life as Bitcoin surges past $66,000, coinciding with positive news on the US inflation front. This rally comes alongside a significant rise in stablecoin holdings on crypto exchanges, potentially setting the stage for a broader market upswing.

Stablecoin Supply on the Rise

Data from Lookonchain reveals that Tether, a major stablecoin issuer, minted an additional $1 billion worth of USDT tokens just 13 hours ago. This follows a trend of increased minting throughout the past month, with Tether’s market cap rising from $108 billion to over $111 billion. 

In total, Tether has minted a staggering 31 billion USDT tokens over the past year, potentially fueling the rise in Bitcoin’s price from $27,000 to $73,000. 


This trend extends beyond Tether. According to Woominkyu on CryptoQuant, a market analysis firm, there has been a recent surge in overall stablecoin inflows, suggesting a significant influx of fresh capital entering the cryptocurrency market. 

This increased liquidity has the potential to significantly impact Bitcoin’s price dynamics, with the possibility of heightened volatility as supply and demand forces adjust.

Bitcoin in a Consolidation Phase

While the influx of stablecoins suggests a potential market rally, cryptocurrency analyst Willy Woo believes Bitcoin is currently in a “warm-up phase” within its liquidity cycle. Woo points out that Bitcoin is consolidating below its all-time highs, indicating a period of relatively low long-term risk for investors. 

He highlights that significant market activity tends to correlate with increased risk, suggesting the current phase offers a degree of stability. The combined factors of a rising Bitcoin price, increased stablecoin holdings, and a cautious yet optimistic market outlook paint a picture of a crypto market preparing for potential growth. 


While future volatility is a possibility, the current trends suggest a market primed for further movement. Overall, the rise in stablecoin activity injects optimism into the cryptocurrency market. However, analysts like Woo caution that Bitcoin’s price may experience volatility as the market absorbs this influx of liquidity.

On the Flipside

  • While a rise in stablecoins can signal new investment, it can also indicate investors seeking to hedge their bets or move capital out of riskier assets.
  • A downturn in traditional markets could still impact the crypto market, even with an influx of stablecoins.
  • The rise in stablecoin supply might not directly cause a sustained Bitcoin price increase.

Why This Matters

The surge in stablecoin holdings, particularly Tether’s minting of new tokens, coincides with Bitcoin’s price rise and suggests a potential influx of fresh capital. This increased liquidity could fuel a broader market upswing but also heighten volatility as supply and demand forces adjust within the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

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