Interview: Bybit COO Helen Liu Talks Unity in Crypto

Bybit COO Helen Liu shares with DailyCoin her mission to unite the crypto industry with her new BGA coalition.

Bybit COO Helen Liu talks crypto alliance.
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The underlying goal of the blockchain industry has always been to democratize finance, empower users, and reshape traditional systems. Yet, achieving this ambitious goal requires collective effort and mutual collaboration. 

Despite the crypto industry’s continuous innovation, it has become increasingly fragmented, with various factions working in isolation. In an exclusive interview with DailyCoin, Bybit’s COO, Helen Liu, emphasizes that for the industry to reach its full potential, it must reunite under a shared vision like her new passion project, the Blockchain for Good Alliance (BGA). 

Bybit COO Helen Liu

Ms. Liu shared with DailyCoin Bybit’s strategy for maintaining its position as a global industry leader, highlighting the exchange’s steadfast goal to “make the cake bigger.”


Ms. Liu shares, “We don’t want to compete with competitors. It is not our goal because we believe crypto is much larger than the existing few players.”

“We would rather unite all exchanges and players to make the cake even bigger and bring more people from Web2 to Web3,” she added. 

The Bybit COO underscored the exchange’s community-focused approach and commitment to fostering industry growth, highlighting numerous initiatives, including the new Blockchain for Good Alliance (BGA).


For those unaware, the BGA is a non-profit organization that Bybit recently launched to recognize and reward innovators who use blockchain technology to address real-world problems. It serves as a platform for collaboration among blockchain foundations, universities, and NGOs, uniting them in a shared mission, using blockchain for social good. 

Ms. Liu shared the inspiration behind the alliance’s creation, emphasizing her passion for uniting the industry and rewarding innovation by providing a platform for collaboration.

The Bybit executive also revealed what she valued in a blockchain project and underlined the exchange’s status as a premier destination for up-and-coming blockchain startups, providing insightful advice to new protocols joining the space. 

Watch our latest interview to learn more about the Blockchain for Good Alliance and how Bybit seeks to foster innovation.

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