to Join Hedera Ecosystem with AIverse’s interest in the Hedera network made sense considering the slew of projects developing on the network. AI generated NFTs.
  • European deep-tech startup has partnered with UAE-based consultancy Deca4 to launch wrapped AI NFTs. 
  • will utilize Hedera’s publicly distributed network for its upcoming project. plans on developing the company’s wrapped AI NFTs on the Hedera blockchain as part of its growing ecosystem of projects, apps, and tools. previously integrated Hedera into its flagship AI video generation tool, Klon. The AI-wrapped NFTs will be part of’s ongoing efforts to evolve NFTs and introduce a new and immersive asset class.

Humans, AI, and NFTs

Hedera has quickly risen to the top of the industry thanks to the rising number of NFT, metaverse, and Web3 gaming projects building on the network. At press time, The network’s token, HBAR, is ranked 37th on CoinMarketCap


The Hedera network is powered by hashgraph consensus, allowing the blockchain to boast high security, fast transaction speeds, and low bandwidth.’s interest in the Hedera network made sense considering the slew of projects developing on the network thanks to its high throughput and low fees. 

Vignesh Raja, Head of Business – Middle East and South Asia at the HBAR Foundation, has shared his excitement to partner with and bring their technologies together. 

Jean-Paul Tarud-Kuborn, CCO at Deca4 Advisory, added that the partnership between Hedera and would contribute to concrete business use cases for tokenization in the NFT space and bring tremendous value to the community. 

Vali Malinoiu, Head of Blockchain at, commented


"We are excited for to revolutionize the AI industry. Our AIverse will be launched as the first executable AI NFT ecosystem that is interoperable between the Humans Blockchain for AIs and the Hedera network."

The AI NFTs by have neural networks encapsulated into NFTs that enhance their governance, management, and usage. By integrating AI and governance capabilities into NFTs, provides a medium that transforms basic proofs of ownership through self-governing forms of ownership for researchers, artists, AI creators, and more. 

Vali Malinoiu added

"To enjoy widespread adoption, it is essential for our AI NFTs to be interoperable and communicate with different blockchain protocols. We're excited to be wrapping our AI NFTs on Hedera to help better manage their usage while benefiting from the fast, energy-efficient, and secure decentralized network provided by Hedera."

On the Flipside

  • LG electronics’ native Web3 art platform, LG Art Lab, has also recently announced its commitment to using Hedera for its upcoming NFT projects.

Why You Should Care

Artificial Intelligence is quickly rising in popularity with its use cases beyond healthcare and optimization. Tools like ChatGPT, Midjourney, and more have revolutionized Web3’s direction.’s AI-based creation and governance could potentially transform the future of NFTs by expanding its functionality and evolving it from a static art form to a more interactive and immersive asset class. 


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