Collaborates with ClusterPower to Scale AI NFTs plans to leverage ClusterPower’s cloud computing and AI capabilities to scale its lineup of AI-based Web3 products.

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  • AI startup has announced that it is partnering with Romanian AI-as-a-service provider ClusterPower. 
  • The collaboration will provide a platform to scale AI-based creation and governance on, a European deep-tech startup specializing in AI-based Web3 offerings, has partnered with ClusterPower, an AI service provider powered by NVIDIA technology. ClusterPower is one of the largest providers of cloud computing services in Europe, with numerous data centers spanning the globe. plans to leverage ClusterPower’s cloud computing and AI capabilities to scale its lineup of AI-based Web3 products and provide a comprehensive platform for AI-based creations and governance at scale.

Scaling AI NFTs recently expanded its lineup of AI-based web3 products by introducing wrapped AI NFTs on Hedera. Using Hedera’s hashgraph consensus, high security, and fast transaction speeds, released its new product encapsulated with neural networks. 


In the latest news, is collaborating with ClusterPower, the largest cloud computing service provider in Southeastern Europe. ClusterPower reportedly has over 750 data centers in its arsenal, providing an end-to-end platform to develop AI solutions. 

Leveraging the robust NVIDIA DGX A100 systems, the service provider allegedly provides petaflops of computer power that can easily handle large models and help customers scale their AI products. 

Sabin Dima, Founder and CEO at, shared in a blogpost


“We are thrilled to partner with ClusterPower to unleash the power of AI NFTs. This partnership combines our cutting-edge AI on the Blockchain technology with ClusterPower’s expertise in AI infrastructure, providing customers with a comprehensive platform to develop AI solutions at scale.”

Valu Malinoiu, Head of Blockchain at, added that the partnership with ClusterPower will enable to create an interoperable blockchain by facilitating access to the computing resources of its partners, such as Nvidia and Microsoft. 

The partnership will also allow to scale AI-based creations on its platform by providing computational power to researchers and developers in exchange for the HEART token. 

On the Flipside

  • ClusterPower is the sixth largest cloud computing service provider in Europe. 
  • has yet to launch its mainnet. The startup recently closed its 52-week pre-staking program. 

Why You Should Care

Artificial Intelligence in Blockchain technology is a rising trend in more projects. Many existing Web3 projects are now pivoting to integrating AI into their offerings after the success of AI solutions like ChatGPT, Midjourney, and more. is one of the first AI-centric blockchain platforms and is quickly building a name for itself with its solutions. 


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